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    Thanks for the clarification on date, I wasn’t paying attention to the details
  • Videos are posted on De Sousa Facebook page. He looks like an old soul!
  • De Sousa Stables

    Coz’s first time jumping/ riding in an outdoor arena✔️
    Coz’s first time jumping a line ✔️

    Very happy with how he handled himself. This was his first time at this facility. Now we are going to keep focusing on our turns, and going forward and coming back! Happy with our tune up before the Retired Racehorse Project Demonstration at #LRK3DE !
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    That was so great. He seems so relaxed!
  • He goes about his routine like a pro. He is in good hands.
  • He has one of the smoothest canters I've ever seen! He looks great and so happy! I am so happy for him.
  • This not Coz, but a video I stumbled onto...
  • I think he does better without her.
    whoodler said:

    This not Coz, but a video I stumbled onto...

  • He sure was having a good time... or a good panic. Either way, he remembered where the exit was.
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    The person laughing like a loon in the background bugs me , guess she didn’t realize how dangerous it could be. It did seem he was enjoying his time though..
  • Some people laugh out of nervousness, too. That person might be one of them. It certainly would have been scary to watch it happening. Hard to say what was going through the horse's mind, but I think the rider was unintentionally messing up his approaches to those jumps and he was frustrated about that already.
  • I keep my sound turned off. Sound is very annoying these days with all the mini videos in an ever increasing number of ads.
  • De Sousa Stables:
    Cozmic One and Mr. Commons both trained by John Sherrifs at the horse park schooling for the Retired Racehorse Project demonstrations this weekend!! Miramonte Equine
    #hagyardequine #hagyardpharmacy #fenwickequestrian #hallwayfeeds

    Coz finally got to meet Patrick The miniature horse today!
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    De Sousa Stables
    Come watch the Retired Racehorse Project demonstration at #LRK3DE TODAY at 4 PM in the Walnut arena and SATURDAY at 10 AM in the walnut arena!

    Coz RRP.JPG 89.9K

  • Photo shared by the Retired Racehorse Project

    Coz looked fabulous! Definitely seemed to be taking everything in, but he was very good for a green bean.
  • Gorgeous, gorgeous pair. Coz has taken to his next career better than I expected. Even though she has not produced track winners, Z sure can produced lookers in the ring/arena!
  • Awesome!
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    Perfectly beautiful team!
  • I got to see the demonstration this morning. Everybody was well behaved, especially considering that there was an audience, it was outdoors, flags were flapping, and there was a PA system. Mr. Commons is being trained as a dressage horse. He won't be in the Thoroughbred Makeover show because he has been off track too long. He was supposed to compete last year but fractured his hip. He is all better now. Coz did some flat work, then he jumped a crossrail, a single, and finally a small oxer!. Isabella said in her comments to the audience that he is very brave, and is doing very well for having had only 20 rides or so. He has a very cute face. The demo included another dressage horse named Big Mo, appropriately so since he's 18 hands. There was also a TB being trained as a trick horse. I can't remember his name, but he is supposed to be in the next Avatar movie. I guess they do motion capture with horses now.
  • @lauraj_cincinnati: Thanks for sharing! So glad someone from the Forum was able to see the demo!
  • Thank you for the report, @lauraj_cincinnati! I'm glad Coz did so well :)
  • Thank you everyone who shared! It makes me so happy to see him happy!
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    De Sousa Stables

    A couple of clips from over the weekend from the demonstration!

    Note: Make sure you have the sound on to listen to the critique.
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    De Sousa Stables

    A couple photos of Coz and Isabela at the RRP demonstration at LRK3DE ! He gets better and better with each outing!

    Photos credit Wendy Wooley

    C-I.JPG 61.9K
    C-I1.JPG 49.4K
    C-I2.JPG 68.8K
    C-I3.JPG 45.1K
    C-I4.JPG 99.5K
    C-I5.JPG 75.5K
    C-I6.JPG 59.9K
  • Lets face it, Coz hated the track, hated the trainer and was not happy. Now you see a comfortable horse that enjoys what he is doing and has no problem learning this new life. Relaxed and happy. The gelding certainly helped a lot, but it seems like he was just hating life as a racehorse...he is being trained with discipline but with affection also.. I hope Ziconic gets something like this instead of sitting at the track day after day for nothing except life in a box stall and maybe a run on the track. Some horses thrive on that life, many more don't.
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