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    It was a great series. Thank you Stonestreet Farms.
    One surprise to me was how quick it is after the water breaks
    "Foaling is typically complete within 20 minutes of the waters breaking"
    As I have watched and learned, there are such risks to mare and foal.
    Yes, I did know this before. It is quite different viewing it live.
    But glad that today's technology allows us to see.
    Thank you PG for starting this Discussion.
    Know i do think of you & your husband and the journey towards healing.
  • Ditto that last sentence. You are in my thoughts.
  • Thank You @Keta and @whoodler! ❤ ❤

    In the Stonestreet article above, "Welcome To The World! Foaling"... Seeing several scenarios where human attendants helped pull out the foal as I viewed live births via MareStare years ago, I was also unaware of this issue mentioned in the article:

    "Assuming normal presentation is confirmed, progress is monitored with little human interference. Attempting to assist a mare by pulling on the foal may damage the cervix if the cervix is not fully relaxed. Cervical damage makes it more difficult for the mare to become pregnant in the future. If a mare experiences too much human intervention, there is a risk she will expect assistance during future foalings."

    Here's the Stonestreet "Foaling" link (Part 2 of How To Build A Race Horse) once again from the previous page:

    Also from the previous page...Here is the article (Part 1-How To Build A Race Horse) from the Stonestreet Blog pertaining to "Physical and Behavior Changes" with the expectant mare...
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    I've been hands on with two foalings. One mare owner had lost the foal the year before from the foal suffocating when the sack was so thick the foal's hooves could not break it open to breath. The next foal I was in the barn to check on my own mare and saw the mare above was in full labor and the owners were out of town. There was not enough time to run and ring the vet. You could see the foal trying with no success to break open the sack, and could see it gasping for a breath,
    so I calmly opened the mares stall door and simply ripped open the very thick and quite hard to break sack so the foal could breath. Had I not been in the barn to note the foals predicament there would have been another dead foal in the morning. I was so amazed at how the mare did the rest of the birth herself and only phoned the owners once I saw the foal stand and nurse LOL. The Vet came the next day and examined the after birth and told the owners they should be grateful they had a good mare manager(I am not any thing but the stable sitter LOL) cause had I not intervened that beautiful bay Paso Fino filly would be gone. He also praised me for only doing what had to be done for the filly to live .

    The other foal I missed by 5 minutes from being born. That was my mare Cabby's Classy Lassy a 1/2 sister to the filly saved. At a different barn the barn owner had foaled many Paints and QHs and she believed in hands on viewing but not forcing the mare on quicker. When I arrived Classy had just moved enough to break the umbilical cord, and I got to lay her on my lap and towel dry her as Momma helped by licking her head and face.

    Both times still bring awe and amazement at how good mares are at delivering human hands off.
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    What a wonderful sharing!
    Thank goodness you were there to save the filly.
    It must be so special holding a just born foal.
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    Thanks for sharing your personal experience in first-hand live foalings @AllZensonTrack! Glad you were there to help the filly break the birth sac while her owners were away! You were an "earth angel" indeed that night!

    Today, 3/7/2018, I found the outdoor paddocks covered with snow today, at Kentucky's Three Chimneys (SCM) and New York's Edition Farm (La Verdad)...due to the incoming Nor'easter that is hitting the east coast today/tonight.

    Surprisingly, At Edition Farm, La Verdad was taken outside in the late afternoon (around 4:00p) into an odd-shaped paddock covered with snow. She was joined shortly after with 2 other pregnant mares who appeared not as advanced as she was. LV had difficulty walking around due to the layer of snow, her heavy pregnancy and her wrapped injured left hindleg. Her steps were slow and careful with a little hitch to her gait.

    This evening around 9:00p EST, I observed La Verdad looking at her butt and standing on her injured left hind leg and kept lifting her right hind leg up to squeeze her belly...tell tale signs of cramps/foal shifting perhaps. Around 11:00p EST, a female attendant came in to check La Verdad's bag and then gave La Verdad loving rubs on her topline/rump before she stepped out of the stall.

    Right now (11:37p EST) La Verdad appears calm. But I remember the last Nor'Easter stress caused La Verdad's early foaling symptoms so you never can tell.


  • At 1:48 AM EST on 3/8/18 LV is calmly snoozing in her big but narrow foaling stall. Paniolo_Gal ever seen her lay out flat legs extended and acting like she is having contractions? LV is quite odd these final days in her actions LOL. If she foals during this next Nor Easter lets pray in agreement the electricity will NOT be taken out like it was last storm. We had to sit through 4 days of the unknown on what was going on and if no power then no video even after she foals. I was rather amazed at the field she and the other 5 mares are out in. I keep wondering how in the world they keep them from that huge pond. I would be quite concerned when it is frozen over that a mare might wander on it and the ice be thin and the pregnant mare would not be able to keep a float. I suppose they know the mares and none venture in/on it.
  • 2:14 AM and things are a buzz in the foaling barn. LV is really doing some major hind leg shifting (unsure if that could be from discomfort of the injured leg or if she is in early labor. In just 10 minutes the foaling team has been in to give her fresh water, and to fork out the soiled straw. When they gave her water another attendant took a look at her teats for quite a long bit of time. Can see the snow falling through her stall windows ,
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    2:30 am EST
    She looks slightly uncomfortable and is hitching up right hind a few inches occasionally. Has ears back, probably due to discomfort.
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    Edit: Oh...I missed that comment about LV laying down flat with her legs straight out comment by @AllZensonTrack! I'm not sure if the observation below was what was described at 2:50a EST.

    La Verdad On 3/8/18:
    At 2:50a EST, La Verdad decided to lie down "sternal" and is now rolling on her sides and on her back right now. She looks something may be up!
    2:51a EST, LV is now lying flat on her right side, hardly moving. You can only see her eyes blinking and her ears twitching.
    Hmmm wondering if that white sac is peeking. Her butt is facing away from the webcam right now and she is on the far end of the stall.
    2:53a EST, DARN! The live webcam just turned off! I can't seem to get a connection even when I refresh the screen either! I wonder if this is it??? Or did the Nor'easter cause a glitch in the webcam connection...again! AUWE!
       I checked the other Foal Patrol live webcam feeds and they are working fine for Centre Court and StopChargingMaria.

    3:04a EST, OKAY! The webcam came back up...and La Verdad is standing up looking calm once again. Don't know if it was the electricity acting up in the area or if the staff was checking on LV and wanted privacy...idk. At least we haven't missed much while the live feed was out.

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    La Verdad On 3/8/18: (continued)
    Colt or Filly?

    3:21a EST, La Verdad is looking straight on towards the webcam her eyes closed and her head nodding off to sleep while standing. I can't tell if the "old wives theory" Left=Colt or Right=Filly can be judged because right now she has her left (bandaged rear leg) cocked so her left belly looks more pronounced. Even when her right hind leg is cocked, the left looks more prominent.
    3:23a EST, hmmm, she is now standing on all fours and her right side looks more prominent and angular in this stance. I wish she was standing closer to the webcam. It's a toss-up to me.
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    6:35a EST. Edition Farm (La Verdad's home) just brought in a colorful "white" mare with light chestnut (cream?) patches. Appears to be overo-like markings...didn't look like a sabino. But she is pretty with an ombre tail (white on the top half with light golden brown hairs on the lower part of the tail) a used paint brush.
    6:38a EST. After checking the colorful mare's bag, they took her out and brought La Verdad back into the foaling stall...

    Maybe a false alarm for foaling? I don't know this colorful mare's name unfortunately...she might have just been a grey with several circular dried mud patches all over her coat, LOL! Or...she might have been a privately owned mare, like La Verdad and not one of Edition Farm's broodmares perhaps. idk

    Here's the Edition Farm's broodmare roster:
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    It looks like she is out in snowy pasture this morning.
  • FWIW, sabino IS an overo pattern. Overo just means "not tobiano." I'd be willing to bet that she's one of those grays :)
  • LOL QueenZFan22 beat me to the announcement which came over my cell phone as and alert at 9:27 AM EST
    That they predict La Verdad will "Probably" foal tonight. Now I demand she wait till I am back Home at 9:30PM to do the blessed event as I have been away from my PC for every foal so far LOL
  • Edit: Oh...I missed that comment about LV laying down flat with her legs straight out comment by @AllZensonTrack! I'm not sure if the observation below was what was described at 2:50a EST.

    Paniolo Gal this was not the time I talked about BUT she seems to be doing the same thing as when I was watching her before. Maybe it is more comfortable for her to lay flat out to rest. Also this is the 2nd time she has had a hind leg wrapped but the last time it was the other leg rapped back when she was in her regular stall.
  • She's back in her stall now with a bandage on her hind leg.
  • Yeah and IMHO being pestered when she should be left alone to take care of business. From around 3:30 PM they have been in her stall and out of her stall. Taking pictures and feeding her carrots by her owner. Then some other comes in and starts snapping Video of LV and her owner. It reminds me too much of the early days with Zenny when we all learned a hard lesson on disturbing a mares normal routines. Poor LV looks so uncomfortable and when she gets the short chance at peace and quiet she starts to lift the tail up and does seem to give a little push. No signs yet of a sack or feet but the minute any human comes near she goes to them for attention. I learned with my two experiences that a watched pot never boils. I am gonna say the stable manager knows LV and what amount of normal routines can be changed a little.
  • UPDATE on La Verdad. Just checked her cam to see someone leaving her stall. I can't tell if her tail is wrapped and she seems comfortable.
  • UPDATE on La Verdad. Just checked her cam to see someone leaving her stall. I can't tell if her tail is wrapped and she seems comfortable.

    It was an attendant with a ladder cleaning the webcam lens.
    6:52p EST: An older woman took a photo of La Verdad's bag and the fellow who is cleaning the camera lens are now reviewing image(s) on an ipad right now.

    Darn...I have to go to a CEU tonight and I'll probably miss the action. :broken_heart:

  • UPDATE #2 on La Verdad. Someone came in to clean her stall and checked her udder out. She still seems comfortable as of now.
  • The fellow came back in twice around 7:55p EST to clean the webcam lens in La Verdad's stall. Me thinks the more the fellow cleans the lens, the more he leaves behind lint spots! It's worse than before! LOL!
  • UPDATE #3 on La Verdad. There's now a woman in her stall (looks like it may be her owner?) The lady has been petting her and looking at her udder.
  • Looking for drip drip maybe?
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