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  • It is fun watching Gun Runner in his stall. He makes his bed and is quite fussy on how his straw "Nest" is prepared. He always lays in the center of the stall facing the windows. He does NOT like the sunshine in his face and will go to the hay rack corner until the sun rises or sets where it no longer shines at his eye level. When preparing his nap time nest he will stand and start turning in a circle pressing down the straw just so. He then inspects his work and if not yet as he likes it he will reverse his circle and push down the straw a bit more.

    Then he slowly gets those legs ready to lay down. He likes to sleep with his muzzle on the straw, and will lay flat out for about 15 to 30 minutes. He is playful with the stable hands giving a nip but with no intentions of landing a contact on his handlers. Today he must have had a viewing because he had his blanket on then was taken out by two handlers, and when he returned the blanket had been removed.

    Awww!! I love Gun Runner!!! Wish I could've seen him when we were in Kentucky this past October. Also wish I had good internet and could watch him. <3 :love:
  • A bit of a disturbing sight at Old Tavern Farms yesterday. They took a Mare out to the paddock which was in obvious trouble. Couldn't get a really good look at which mare it was but by the dark bay coat and lighter reddish black tail the only mare that fits is Alpine Sky. The mare was very disoriented on her feet and required both stable hands to help her balance. She was walking like a drunken mare or a sedated horse just coming out of the Sedation. The mare was led to a solitary paddock and just stood where they left her staggering a bit as she slowly walked towards the back fence. The two Barn hands seem quite concerned and checked on her often while bringing out Last years Foal Patrol participant Comme Chez Soi , and Dapple grey mare we have yet to meet. Today the solitary Paddock is empty and the Yearlings keep looking at the empty paddock as if looking for their friend.
  • Here are the mares (and stallion) cam links so people don't have to dig through old posts to find them.

    Gun Runner (stallion) Three Chimney's Farm:
    Magical World (Distorted Humor - Pleasant Home, By Seeking the Gold) owned/boarded by Three Chimney's Farm. In foal to Gun Runner and due 02/14.
    New Money Honey (Medaglia d'Oro - Weekend Whim, By Distorted Humor) owned by e5 Racing Thoroughbreds and boarded at Indian Creek Farm. In foal to War Front and due 02/21.
    Ashado (Saint Ballado - Goulash, By Mari's Book) owned and boarded at Godolphin (Gainsborough Farm). In foal to Frosted and due 02/23.
    Vaulcluse (A.P. Indy - Betty's Pet, By Dehere) owned by Antony Beck and boarded at Gainesway Farm. In foal to War Front and due 03/16.
    Alpine Sky (Indian Charile - Alpine Garden, By Lemon Drop Kid) owned/boarded at Old Tavern Farm. In foal to More Than Ready and due 04/21.
    Emotional Kitten (Kitten's Joy - Silent Emotion, By Ghazi) owned by Lael Stables and boarded at Denali Stud. In foal to Dialed In and due 04/25.

    Just bumping this to make it easier to find.
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    UPDATE on Magical World Posted on 1/21: Three Chimneys Farm sent an update that Magical World has been moved to her stall in the foaling barn and she will occupy that space from 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. daily. She is progressing as expected and ready to begin the final phase of her pre-partum management. She will be monitored more closely going forward now that she is in the barn overnight. Chris Baker said that she still appears to be 30 days out from delivery and he will provide updates throughout the coming weeks on how she is doing.

    The cameras will be streaming from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. and live footage will extend as she get closer to her expected foaling date on February 14th.
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    Looks like Magical World has been moved to a new stall! It also looks like she has an access, based on the new video that came out. It looks like she has duct tape wrapped around her hoof
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    Here is another thoroughbred foaling stream if anyone is interested. 7 mares on one Screen.

  • New Money Honey is also live in the stall at Indian Creek.
  • Magical World is well waxed
    February 24th, 2020
    After a weekend of waiting for Magical World to deliver, she held onto her foal and kept everyone waiting. She is 10 days overdue, and presented a well waxed udder this morning. She doesn't have many more days left to go and is getting closer and closer all the time.

    She was turned out to her paddock this morning and will continue to do so unless the farm staff deem it appropriate to keep her in the stall. Three Chimneys Farm has a team of people who regularly check in on the pregnant mares throughout the day to keep them closely monitored. Stay tuned on Foal Patrol to follow her. We will reveal if she delivers a colt or filly on the site.
  • Watching her cam now (3:29 PM central time) She looks uncomfortable. Not sure if i see sweat on her topline or a glare from the stall lighting/sunshine?
  • blog update on New Money Honey (in foal to War Front.) She was due 2/21 so is about 2 days overdue.

    New Money Honey is progressing well, her mammary development is slowly coming on. The staff at Indian Creek Farm believe she will go over her due date of February 21 by about a week to ten days. Leo Dooley, Broodmare Manager provided the information below about her stable bandages.

    On Sunday February 16th New Money Honey presented with moderate swelling in her right hind leg and mild swelling in her left hind leg. Following consultation with our veterinarian it was decided to put New Money Honey on a precautionary 3 day course of oxytetracycline. This is an antibiotic that is useful for fighting off a cellulitis. In central Kentucky during the Spring this is not uncommon due to wet ground conditions. New Money Honey was also placed in stall wraps on both hinds until swelling is resolved. We are happy to report that at no stage was she uncomfortable and has continued to maintain a healthy appetite.

    Most likely she is days away from delivering but continue to follow her over the weekend to stay updated.
  • Wouldn't it be funny if Magical World and New Money Honey foaled around the same time? Both are overdue now....

    Sure hope they foal this week and don't wait for March :astonished:
  • And Ashado is also due now.
  • Text just came in saying Magical World is showing signs of being in labor. (4:10P)
  • Yay!!
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    (7:20 PM central time Magical World) Guy (I'm guessing by the way he was since I didn't get a good look at his face?) came in and checked her udder and back and then her belly then took her feed tub out. Still not sure if she's sweating or if it's the lighting in her tall making it look that way? She also has lifted her tail a few time (not sure if peeing or gassy?) and seems to be breathing a bit heavy.
  • Checking for sweating just now.
  • Doing that fakey eating/redecorating they do when they are nesting.
  • She's been lifting her tail for a couple hours.
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    (8:48 PM central time Magical World) I think I just aw her have a really hard/painful contraction? She seemed to have her back legs spread wide apart and grimace/pin her ears while stretching out. Unfortunately her butt wasn't facing the camera so i could see it.
  • Giving her flanks nasty looks...
  • Was waiting for laps to begin........
  • Show time?
  • And we have pushing.........
  • Are you watching this?!
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