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About three years ago, I posted stories and pictures about several different pairs of twin foals. There seemed to be a lot of them that survived in 2015. I think I posted them maybe in the Mare Stare thread. Don't really remember. But I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread just for twin foals because they are so fascinating. Please feel free to post about any you know of. I'm mainly interested in twins that survive. If you have personal experience with twin foals, please do post those, whether they survived or not.


  • Here is a set of twin foals that were born on June 8th. They have survived for two weeks now and, so far, are thriving. Their existence was just posted after they reached the two-week milestone. They are very unique in appearance and were born in Devonshire, England. They are described as being buckskin blanket spotted warmbloods. Here are some pictures.

    all pictures from GFS Sporthorses facebook page, 23June2018.

    As you can see, Mama (or Mum in their country) is gorgeous:
    Papa is also gorgeous and so unusual, that he is claimed to be the only one of his kind in existence. You can see him at the beginning of this YouTube slide show of the twins' first two weeks.
    Here is their original post, dated 23 June 2018, announcing the birth of the twins:

    "Nobody was more surprised when these little fellows made their initial appearance on the 8th June! A 'red bag' delivery, single placenta, dual presentation and quite a bit of untangling before we could absorb what had occurred! We have genetically identical twin colt foals, monozygotic, they have been formed from one zygote, which has split to form two embryos. [emphasis mine; this makes them rarer than rare] They are also very close in appearance too! They were not identified during our routine pregnancy scanning.
    "It is incredibly rare that twins survive a pregnancy, the fact that both were born, have survived and are thriving is nothing short of miraculous! They went full term and other than one being smaller than the other, both were standing and feeding within the hour. A pair of little miracles but not an experience we would wish to repeat despite being incredibly lucky in this instance! All preliminary veterinary checks were as would be expected and desirable in any newborn foal and they continue to be carefully monitored for weight gain and appropriate development.
    "Named GFS Shockwave and GFS Masta Blasta, they are super little characters and full of fun. Masta Blasta the smaller twin is a regular escape artist and loves pottering around the yard on his own saying hi to any other horses that may be in and chasing the cats!
    "Sired by GFS Fire and Ice, our young AES Graded perlino leopard spotted warmblood stallion[emphasis mine], their amazing mum, Liosin Lux is by the KWPN stallion Olympic Lux.
    "All three are on ad lib feed in line with maximising appropriate nutrition levels with the twins having their own access to an adjacent stable for creep feed and playtime as they are currently only out for two hourly sessions a day but this will gradually increase as they continue to grow stronger. 'Destiny' their proud dam has been fantastic as a mum has taken everything in her stride from the first moment despite being a little confused at first! She is over the moon all of the attention, continuous room service and endless treats!
    "Further photos and information can be found on our website which we will continue to update regularly with news of all of our 2018 foals."

    You can follow them at
  • RachelRachel Member
    I love the coloring on Masta Blasta. He is so beautiful and quite the character it sounds like.
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