Thoroughbred Racing Names - In Use, Reserved, or a name you wish/hope to use someday

There is a Discussion Thread for Weird names, but this is for names that you find special, interesting or just because you want to share a name that you've always liked and wish you could bestow on a racehorse.

I'm anxiously waiting for the Tapit x Love the Chase two year old to get his name. I decided to see if there were any Reserved names that started with Tapit or Love or Chase/Chasing that might remotely seem like it could be reserved for this colt. The result.....not really. I did find reserved "Chasing the Wind". I also found that the word Love and the word Loved were reserved. I'm pretty sure neither of those names are meant for the Tapit x LTC. But it wouldn't surprise me if both of those names were saved by the same person.

A name I've always wanted to use on a horse is Mastorian Blazer. I've wanted to use that name since I was about 12 years old. Now if I could only get my hands on a Mastery colt.....perfect! LOL =)


  • How's this for a name? Full sister to Bobby's Kitten and Camelot Kitten, just got her racing name. Note: She was a $962K Tattersalls October Yearling in 2018. I hope she is a racing beast on the track for them.

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