Bookings for Mares 2020



  • Sassifaction (dam of Cambodia) ---> War Front
  • Remedy ---> Constitution
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    Rosalind ---> War Front
    Samara ---> Dr. Disco
    Grace's Pleasure ---> Dr. Disco
    My Bronx Tale ---> Mitole
  • I haven't changed my opinion about this mating, still wrinkling my nose. I don't get it.
  • Yeah, why not just go to MdO? Speed to speed doesnt necessarily equal speed.
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    Lemoona ---> Quality Road
    Go Forth North ---> Demarchelier (GB)
  • In Japan: LAKE PONCHATRAIN to California Chrome
  • Jump Up (dam of MG1P Amy's Challenge) is booked to Omaha Beach. I wish them the best, and that she catches. I've been in contact with them and they say Jump Up is a big, kind mare, which stands to reason as Amy's Challenge is huge (but feisty!).
  • Covfefe ---> Constitution
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    Unfold the Rose (dam of Stephanie's Kitten) ---> Kitten's Joy
    Fancy Dress Party ---> Constitution
    Minewander (dam of Landeskog) ---> Munnings
  • Restless Rider ---> Quality Road
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    Wellenspiel (GER) (dam of Windstoss and Weltstar) ---> Soldier Hollow (GER)
    Always and Forever ----> Leofric
  • Lil Indy (dam of Maximum Security) ------> Curlin
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    Clemmie (full to Churchill) ---> Justify
    Tap Softly (dam of Silver Prospector) ---> Omaha Beach
    Dawn Of Hope (IRE) ---> Invincible Spirit
    Gilt Edge Girl ---> Decorated Knight
    Princess Loulou ---> Decorated Knight
    Lady Wingshot ---> Decorated Knight
    Star of Bristol ---> Decorated Knight
    Queens Harbour ---> Decorated Knight
    Penlight ---> Decorated Knight
    Zotilla ---> Decorated Knight
    Vetlana ---> Decorated Knight
    Tarawa ---> Decorated Knight
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    Epiphany ---> Decorated Knight
    Mince ---> Decorated Knight
    Nessina ---> Decorated Knight
    Sweet Gentle Kiss ---> Decorated Knight
    Manasarova ---> Decorated Knight
    Rivercat ---> Decorated Knight
    Alboraya ---> Decorated Knight
    Le Freak ---> Decorated Knight
    Rose of Miracles ---> Decorated Knight
    Missy O'Gwaun ---> Decorated Knight
    Miss Laila ---> Decorated Knight
    Woodland Scene ---> Decorated Knight
    Queen Sarra ---> Saxon Warrior
    Maid To Master ---> Camelot
  • Kind—->Kingman
  • Deliberate (dam of Headman) ---> Kingman
    Helleborine (GB) (dam of Calyx) ---> Kingman
    Trojan Queen (dam of Sangarius (GB)) --->. Kingman
    Capla Temptress (IRE) ---> Kingman
    Romantica (GB) ---> Kingman
    Starformer ---> Kingman
    Big Break (GB) ----> Kingman
    Amser (1/2 to Timepiece and Passage of Time) ---> Kingman
    African Rose (GB) (dam of Fair Eva) ---> Frankel
    Proviso (GB) ---> Frankel
    Samba Inc (ARG) ---> Frankel
    Special Duty (GB) ---> Frankel
    Nimble Thimble (dam of Quadrilateral (GB)) ----> Frankel
    Classical Times (GB) (1/2 to Newspaperofrecord (IRE)) ---> Frankel
    Photographic (dam of Shutter Speed) ---> Frankel
    Soffia (GB) ---> Frankel
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    Occurrence (1/2 to Promising Lead) ---> Oasis Dream
    Ombre (dam of Gavota) ---> Bated Breath
    Sacred Shield (dam of Crossed Baton (GB) and Viadera (GB)) ---> Bated Breath
    Vote Often (GB) (full to Proportional (GB)) ---> Bated Breath
    Tendu (GB) (full to Showcasing (GB)) ---> Bated Breath
    Strelka (1/2 to Workforce (GB)) ----> Bated Breath
    Heat Haze (dam of Mirage Dancer (GB)) ---> Expert Eye
    Atone (full to Midday) ---> Expert Eye
    Across The Floor (1/2 to Flintshire) ----> Expert Eye
    Palmette (full to Showcasing (GB)) ---> Expert Eye
    Modern Look (GB) (dam of Grand Jete (GB)) ---> Expert Eye
    Tiadargent ---> Bated Breath
    Rostova ---> Bated Breath
    Swiss Range (GB) ---> Bated Breath
    Scottish Jig ---> Expert Eye
    Variable (GB) ---> Expert Eye
  • Clerisy ---> Dark Angel
    Dandhu ---> Kingman
    Desert Diamond ---> Kingman
    Exemplify ---> Acclamation
    Flare Of Firelight ---> Frankel
    Fount ---> Kingman
    Gavota ---> Oasis Dream
    Glaciate ---> Expert Eye
    Portodora ---> Frankel
    Responsible ---> Frankel
    Scallop ---> Bated Breath
    Straight Thinking ---> Bated Breath
    Ultrasonic ---> Bated Breath
    Ventura ---> Frankel
    Vote Often ---> Bated Breath
    Zatsfine ---> Frankel
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    Has is been posted Love The Chase to Medaglia d'Oro for a 2021 foal? Wow, she's earning all they paid for her, but her PoTN colt looks very nice!
  • Brave Anna ---> Justify
  • Streamline ---> Get Stormy
  • Peggy May ---> City of Light
  • Defying Gravity ---> Coal Front
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