WEIRD Horse Racing

OK, this discussion is about strange things that have happened in the world of horse racing, and of course, Zenyatta is included. I'm going to start out with the Oaklawn bow:

Let's take another look at the bow. Fast forward to about 1:25 and listen to the ladies taping reactions:

Any explanations?




    Jockeys Mike Smith and Chantal Sutherland once had a "thing" going on, but it fizzled out. Those geniuses at Del Mar marketing decided to stage a match race called "BATTLE OF THE EXES". Years before, Del Mar staged "BATTLE OF THE SEXES" where Patrick Valenzuela defeated Julie Krone. This one was WIERD

    Here's a lead-up:

    OK, who's your pick?

    Here's the race:

  • What race was this? its zenyattas personality she knows who she is ;) bowing to her fans "yup thats me!"
  • I saw that live on tvg. mike smoked her, just like he smoked her with drosselmeyer (unbelievable race by the way, totally unexpected win)

    In 2006, Calder staged an unusual day of racing. Included on the card was a race on the main track and a race on the turf course AT THE SAME TIME! Also a race going the wrong direction. A race at a quarter mile and a race for grey horses only.

    It was extreme to say the least, but it drew a very nice crowd of curious fans. Calder did this for 2 years but discontinued it. I don't know why/

    I couldn't find any video of this event, but i found an article in Bloodhorse:
  • That was the 2010 Apple Blossom. I showed this to a friend of mine and he said it was a stunt. In fact it made him curious about Zenyatta and he finally went with me to southern California for Zenyatta's final start in Los Angeles. That was the day of the Lady's Secret at Hollywood Park. He came home a believer. He also told me I should have convinced him to come with me much earlier. He was bummed he wouldn't get to see here race again.

    I have watched the bowing incedent over a 100 times. The timing is too incredible. I honestly think she could tell by the tone in the announcer's voice (notice how he gets all excited he's talking about Zenyatta).

    In 2004, a race on the turf course at a mile and 3/8ths had the maintenance crew confused. They thought the race was at 5 furlongs and didn't know the horses were coming around again.

    You think the fact that the track announcer kept calling the race would have clued them in:

  • Race tracks should start doing what calder did. it would be rather interesting and good for the sport to mix it up a bit. ive never seen zenayatta do that before. did u see her dance to her theme song during her retirement parade? I watched that on youtube where the maintenance crew had to run out of the way lol. was just randomly choosing videos that catch my eye. tvg showed a clip of two horses running down to the finish line together and the one horse on the rail bites the nose of his/her competitor lol wish i could find that clip
  • I saw Zenyatta dance in the paddock and post parade. She thrived on the competition, but notice how she didn't win her races by large margins. Ann Moss theorized that Zenny didn't want to embarrass her competition.
  • Lol i love how they called the grey only race "grey pride II stakes" xD
  • Either that or she wanted them to get a good look at her muscular rear end "get a good look ladies,this is what real hips look like!"
  • I have no intentions of showing horse racing accidents, and I hope nobody else will, but I will show stuff that could have possibly caused an accident.

    Calvin Borel and Javier Castellano skirmish at the Breeders' Cup:

    And at Parx, two jockeys act like total imbiciles, possibly causing harm to other jocks and horses as well as themselves. At least Calvin handled it in the grandstand:

  • Tvg, stick around long enough on that show and youll see some crazy things. calvin sure was pee'd off that day but he had good reason. Made my heart jump when his horse clipped heals
  • Who is Calvin going to ride in the KY Derby?
  • I have no idea. maybe Take Charge Indy? bodemeister has mike smith
  • If Calvin is at least 20-1, I don't care who he rides, and I'm not a big fan of Calvin, I think he's worth a few bucks to win.
  • This always struck me as extremely weird.
  • Yeah, that WAS wierd. You saw how the horses avoided him. Horses instinctively will avoid anything that will cause them harm. Although they're competing and trying to win, they are careful too.
  • ...and my favorite, the Fighting Finish of the 1933 Kentucky Derby. Herb Fisher and Don Meade duke it out in the final 16th aboard Head Play and winner Brokers Tip.
  • Good video, they should ride at Parx. I noticed something very WIERD at the start of the race. Back it up to the start, i thought I saw Joan of Ark riding a horse accross the infield. Maybe I'm just imagining things.

    The old fogies hate Kegasus, but at most tracks, all you see is "Old Fogies". What's wrong with attracting the younger crowd who will help keep racing alive in years to come. Kegasus is: one-half man, one-half horse and one-half keg.

  • There's definitely a horse in the infield, you're right.
  • That horse in the infield is the one I bet on.
  • This is weird, guys, because it isn't wierd. They need spellcheck on this Forum.
  • Calgary charge just to bring a horse into the winners circle lol. and that horse in the infield was jist another fan, he was trying to be discrete ;). very good 1933 footage tho. kegasus isnt bringing new racing fans hes bringing new beer fans
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