Bookings for Mares 2021.



  • So Kind is going to Kingman & Ventura is going to Frankel. Those bookings stuck out to me.
  • And I pray that Goldika does her dam proud in passing on the family genes with her breeding to Dubawi
  • QueenZFan22QueenZFan22 Member
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    Miss Charlotte ----> Flameaway
    Miz Magician ----> Honest Mischief
    Vibrant Spirit ----> Demarchelier (GB)
    Mominou ----> McKinzie
    Miss Hot Legs (3/4th sister to Swiss Skydiver) -----> Curlin
    You Laughin ----> McKinzie
    Multi Strategy ----> American Pharoah
    Whatacharacter ----> Complexity
  • Mega Dream ----> Thousand Words
    Rosa Salvaje ----> Gift Box
    Touch Magic ----> Volatile
  • Ms Peintour ---> Not This Time
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    Aunt Lubie ----> Maclean’s Music
    Hot Autumn ---> Authentic
    Animalistic ----> Maximus Mischief
  • Satsuma (GB) ----> Sergei Prokofiev
    Charline Royale (IRE) ----> Sergei Prokofiev
    My Lea (IRE) ----> Sergei Prokofiev
    Placeinmyheart ----> Showcasing (GB)
    Sacre Coeur (GB) ----> Showcasing (GB)
    Penny Royale (GB) ----> Showcasing (GB)
    Aquarius (IRE) ----> Havana Grey (GB)
    Frequent (GB) ----> Havana Grey (GB)
    Harlequin Twist (GB) ----> Havana Grey (GB)
    Roxie Lot (GB) ----> Due Diligence
    Suelita (GB) ----> Kingman ( GB)
    Heartwarming (GB) ----> Frankel (GB)
    Hand On My Heart (GB) ----> Kodiac (GB)
    Athas An Bhean (GB) -----> Bungle Inthejungle (GB)
  • QueenZFan22QueenZFan22 Member
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    Baby Nina ----> Game Winner
    Two Shakes ----> Flatter
  • QueenZFan22QueenZFan22 Member
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    Rachel's Valentina (daughter of Rachel Alexandra) ----> Into Mischief
    Laurens (FR) ----> Kingman (GB)
    Lady Apple ----> Quality Road
    Hurryupandcomeback ----> More Than Ready
  • Playful Dancer ----> Honor A.P.
    Little Miss Zapp ----> Vekoma
  • Veracious (GB) ----> Dubawi (IRE)
    Persuasive (IRE) ----> Dubawi (IRE)
    Intimation (GB) ----> Sea The Stars (IRE)
    Troarn (GB) (1/2 to Almanzor (FR)) ----> Sea The Stars (IRE)
    Queen's Trust (GB) ----> Kingman (GB)
    Preening (GB) ----> Kingman (GB)
    Entity (GB) ----> Kingman (GB)
    Sacre Caroline (1/2 to Lady Eli) ----> Frankel
    Integral (GB) -----> Blue Point (IRE)
    Furbelow (GB) -----> Mohaather (GB)
    Safina (GB) ----> Wootton Bassett (GB)
    Allegretto (IRE) ----> Mastercraftsman (IRE)
    Pilaster (GB) -----> Mastercraftsman (IRE)
    Fools In Love (dam of Seahenge and Max Player) ----> No Nay Never
    Mesa Fresca (dam of Harmonize) -----> No Nay Never
    Dark Lady (GB) ----> Night Of Thunder (IRE)
    On Her Toes (IRE) ----> Night Of Thunder (IRE)
  • Echelon (GB) ----> Ulysses (IRE)
    Hooray (GB) -----> Ulysses (IRE)
    Heaven Sent (GB) -----> Ulysses (IRE)
    Starscope (GB) -----> Ulysses (IRE)
    Regal Realm (GB) -----> Ulysses (IRE)
    Exhort (GB) -----> Ulysses (IRE)
    Zuhoor Baynoona (IRE) -----> Twilight Son (GB)
    Dance Diva (GB) -----> Twilight Son (GB)
    Red Box (GB) ----> Twilight Son (GB)
    Field Of Miracles (IRE) -----> Mayson (GB)
    Dance East (GB) ---> Mayson (GB)
    Rosebride (GB) -----> Dutch Art (GB)
    Ardent (GB) ----> Dutch Art (GB)
  • New Hill: We have finalized our breeding plans for 2021, hopeful for better years ahead!
    - Cove, graded stakes producer: Honest Mischief
    - Curio, stakes producer: Violence
    - Dade Babe, graded stakes winner and producer: Candy Ride
    - Derwin’s Lady, stakes producer: Honor AP
    - Dyani, stakes placed: Fog of War
    - Goodnight Moon: Omaha Beach
    - Ignite, stakes placed: Volatile
    - Lady Ally, stakes placed: Instagrand
    - Maid on a Mission, graded stakes placed: War of Will
    - Midnitesalright, stakes placed: Maclean’s Music
    - Over Forli, stakes winner: King for a Day
    - Rock n Wolin, stakes producer: Liam’s Map
    - Sterling Beauty, stakes placed: Leofric
    - Theyplayingoursong, stakes placed stakes producer: Flatter
    - Toscanova, stakes producer: Caravaggio
    - Unicorn Kid, multiple stakes producer: Game Winner
    - Welcome Inn, stakes winner and producer: Global Campaign
    - Wizardry, stakes winner: Union Rags
  • QueenZFan22QueenZFan22 Member
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    Ms. Character ----> City of Light
    Go Forth North ----> Mitole
    Pretty Pollyanna (GB) -----> Frankel (GB)
    Unex Mona Lisa (dam of Pretty Pollyanna (GB)) ----> Oasis Dream (GB)
    Miss Brown To You (IRE) -----> Sea The Moon (GER)
    Wemyss Bay (GB) -----> Sea The Moon (GER)
    Whazzat (GB) -----> Pinatubo (IRE)
    Roulette (GB) (1/2 to Pretty Pollyanna (GB)) ----> Sea The Moon (GER)
    Fleur De Lis (GB) -----> Masar (IRE)
    Bark (IRE) ----> Too Darn Hot (GB)
  • Rosalind -----> Twirling Candy
  • Doll Collection ----> Curlin
  • KMMKMM Member
    Hurly Curly Girl for a name?
  • Lightening Pearl (IRE) ----> Siyouni (FR)
    Lightening Quick (GB) -----> Kingman (GB)
    Run Wild (GER) ----> Siyouni (FR)
    Mabs Cross (GB) -----> Wootton Bassett (GB)
    Dulkashe (IRE) ----> Galileo (IRE)
    Wind Fire ----> Invincible Spirit (IRE)
    Wekeela (FR) ----> Lope De Vega (IRE)
    Pearl Code (JPN) -----> Lord Kanaloa (JPN)
    Sweeter Still (IRE) (dam of Kameko) -----> Kitten's Joy
    Simple Verse (IRE) ----> Kitten's Joy
    Molly Malone (FR) ----> Frankel (GB)
    Castle Hill Cassie (IRE) ----> Showcasing (GB)
    Secret Gaze (IRE) ----> Dubawi (IRE)
    An Ghalanta (IRE) ----> Kingman (GB)
  • QueenZFan22QueenZFan22 Member
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    Beldale Memory (IRE) ----> Zoustar (AUS)
    La Rioja (GB) ----> Zoustar (AUS)
    Time Scale (GB) ----> Zoustar (AUS)
    Rich Legacy (IRE) ----> Zoustar (AUS)
    Gorgeous Noora (IRE) ----> Zoustar (AUS)
    Ripples Maid (GB) ----> Zoustar (AUS)
    Stella Blue (FR) ----> Zoustar (AUS)
    Lady Eclair (IRE) ----> Without Parole (GB)
    Mama Tembu (1/2 to Stage Magic) ----> Without Parole (GB)
    Lady's Island ---> Tapit
  • I don’t know all the mares, but it was announced today that Authentic would breed 190 mares in 2021
  • KMMKMM Member
    Too big a book.
  • That’s downright conservative for Spendthrift!
  • KMMKMM Member
    Really? Thanks Elirose.
  • Ride the Tide ---> Thousand Words
    Wild For Love ----> Lord Nelson
  • Coronet (GB) ----> Frankel (GB)
    Fly The Flag (GB) (1/2 to Coronet (GB)) ----> Oasis Dream (GB)
    Love So Deep (JPN) ---> Kingman (GB)
    Intrigued (GB) ----> Too Darn Hot (GB)
    Timely (GB) ----> Sea The Moon (GER)
    Illuminate (IRE) ----> Wootton Bassett (GB)
    Wordless (IRE) -----> Lope De Vega (IRE)
    Promising (IRE) -----> Iffraaj (GB)
    Ebony (FR) ----> Kitten's Joy
    California (IRE) ----> Night Of Thunder (IRE)
    Gala (GB) ----> New Bay (GB)
    Rimth (GB) ----> Kodiac (GB)
    Jack Naylor (GB) -----> Saxon Warrior (JPN)
    All The Rage (GB) ----> Almanzor (FR)
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