Triple Crown winner, when?

ShazamShazam Member
We all know the Triple Crown, right? Well, we haven't had one in a number of years. Will there ever be a Triple Crown winner? If yes then, when?


  • I will consult w/ the Racing Gods.
    I hope in my lifetime. Better make it soon before Pimlico goes under.

    We can always HOPE!!!
  • I really want to see a triple corn winner too! Luckily I'm only eleven, so we have a number of years
  • I hope for another Triple Crown winner but with the large fields in the Derby plus horses not seeming to be as robust as they were years ago, I have my doubts. I think Afleet Alex would have been a TC winner if the Derby field had been smaller.
  • I agree!
  • I agree also! The large field of 20 makes it about impossible for the best horse to win that day, and then he may go on to win one of the others...
  • War Admiral ran against 20 in the Derby when he won the TC, so it can be done. Assault won against 17 and Omaha against 18.

    Other winners of large Derby fields who are not considered flukes include Big Brown (20), Barbaro (20), Smarty Jones (18), Thunder Gulch (19) Alysheba (17), Swale (20), and Sunny's Halo (20), among others. So it is possible for one of the better horses in the field to win against a large field; it is just more difficult.
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