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  • RachelRachel Member
    Its sad to see the teeth marks of native dancer and his tack box still. or the picture of him in his pasture with the fog. that picture fits his nick name "the grey ghost".
  • RuZenRARuZenRA Member
    I dont think that Union Rags is fast enough or talented enough (tho he is a beautiful colt) to win the belmont.

    i agree that Union Rags needs a joc change cause he needs someone who is consistantly there.
  • RachelRachel Member
    Union rags did get a jock change. john velasquez
  • KetaKeta Member
    Jay Privman‏@DRFPrivman Wed May 30
    Matz was planning on shipping Thurs.
    When I told him Union Rags needed to be on grounds by noon Wed, he said,
    “I guess we’re coming Wed.”
  • shirleeshirlee Member
    Things in NY seem so organized. What if Matz hadn't found out and Union Rags didn't make it into the race? It would have been better for Little Red if he didn't, but still a tragedy for Matz and the owner. What next from those bozos?
  • RachelRachel Member
    By the time rags runs those cuts will be healed
  • Good job buddy. i am happy for your win.
  • RachelRachel Member
    i didnt think he would make it thru the rail. i think if IHA was in that race he would of blew by them all out of no where
  • Mike Smith blames himself as well he should. He blew it. But Rags won fair and square. Good on him!
  • I am so happy for Union Rags and his Team. Only wish I'll Have Another could have been in there too. I do think this year, we seemed to have several really good horses, that could go the distance, and keep up the interest. The Triple Crown has been an exciting ride, and I only wish the "drought" could have ended!
  • Belmont Winner Union Rags back in his Fair Hill paddock today:

    Belmont Stakes winner Union Rags, back at Fair Hill & in ... on Twitpic

    Plans for Union Rags, the usual, Haskell or Jim Dandy, Traver... on Twitpic

    Way to go handsome, I knew you still had it in you! Congratulations to Michael Matz, Phyllis Wyeth and all other connections. Rags rocked Belmont yesterday!

    Possible future races: the Haskell, Jim Dandy, Travers among others.

  • Thanks Dutch for those photos.
  • I love seeing Union Rags in a paddock, eating grass and sleeping in the grass if he wants. Almost like a real horse, not boxed up in a stall.. How great for him..
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  • reborn ruffian... I have the same dream for Take Charge Indy... I want to know how he is...
    Indeed ^^ I want to know how he is as well, last I heard he got a bit of an injury in the Derby.
  • cigarcigar Member
    My baseball team got swept, the Celtics lost, but Union Rags came through for me. Congratulations to Michael Matz, Phyllis Wyeth, and all of his connections. I look forward to seeing him run in the future.
  • @Cigar
    Phillies fan?
  • cigarcigar Member
    Worse, Rockies. Terrible season.
  • If Paynter had moved over to the rail then Union Rags wouldn't have been able to slip through the opening and Paynter would have won
  • RachelRachel Member
    but that didnt happen. funny how mike smith is second in all three triple crown races
  • I doubt Bob thinks it's funny. At least he can say he won the Triple Crown of Seconds (even if it took him two horses!) The next time he has a heart attack and then gets kicked in the head by one of his horses, he should probably just keep them in the barn and stay there with them!
  • RachelRachel Member
    that was wayne lukas that got kicked in the head, he was sportin a black eye at the belmont
  • Who know if IHA would have won? Union Rags ran a great race and looked as if he could go on for another mile or so. Poor Paynter was all out. It was a good thing he did not have to go further. And Second in all three Triple Crown races "ain't" shabby. Many owners and trainers never even have starters.
  • You are absolutely right... it was Lukas! Guess I had Baffert on my mind!
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