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  • KetaKeta Member
    Esther Marr ‏ The Blood-Horse tweeted
    Union Rags has sustained a tendon injury.
    His future is being evaluated....
    official vet statement to come tomorrow.
    Keta note: There are over 260 tweets about Union Rags.
    So, tomorrow Wed. July 11th, we will get the official evaluation on the injury.

    Glenye Cain Oakford‏ of Daily Racing Form tweeted
    UnionRags will miss balance of '12 season due to tendon injury,
    Russell Jones says. He just got word from trainer M Matz while at #julysale
    Keta Note: This gives more info. Still have to wait for vet report tomorrow
  • Oh no, what a terrible thing for Michael Matz and his owner. Hopefully, he can come back as a 4 year old. Hope Dr. Hansen really takes care of his namesake and we can see him many more times. Does make things look good for my love MMM.
  • Just a thought, but do these bigger horses need more time to mature as they gave Zenyatta to stay sound? She didn't race until later than most but look at her career.
  • Very sad news. I was hoping to see him at the Haskell.
  • cigarcigar Member
    Yes, just read that. What a bummer.
  • KetaKeta Member
    Alex Brown tweeted a post on Facebook–Union Rags Update
    Full presser from Dr. Kathy Anderson, re: Union Rag’s injury:
    Union Rags presented Tuesday 7/10/12 with mild filling of his left forelimb after returning to exercise following his work on 7/6/11.
    Although he was 100% sound, ultrasound examination revealed a small lesion of his high suspensory that appeared to be brand new indicating the injury likely occurred during his last work.
    The prognosis for full return to racing is excellent and he is scheduled to undergo treatment and therapy immediately with the goal of keeping his options open for 2013. Needless to say his owners, trainer and allconnections are extremely disappointed with this turn of events but we believe that this early diagnosisand treatment combined with rest will ultimately favor his full recovery and future success.
  • Such a bummer! But it appears that they noticed it early on and will begin taking care of him immediately, so I'm sure going to be hoping he can make a complete recovery and come back to racing next year. It just gets me that I let myself get emotionally invested in these courageous three year olds and, being the babies that they are, too many are injured along the way and don't get a chance to fulfill their potential. Sigh. Very discouraged today.
  • You know who's come out unharmed out of all of this? Bodemeister! Even though he didn't participate in the Belmont he came out of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness unscathed.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Bode came out unscathed but beaten...soundly ....three yr old eclipse...IHA....cant see anyone doing enough to beat him
  • MaxMax Member
    Carolinutah. You are probably right. Lava Man might have to accept the award on IHA's behalf, as he will be far away by then. IHA is such a beautiful horse. He ran his heart out in those two races.
  • I will bet the farm that Union Rags is going to be retired...even though I do not have a farm to bet!
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    edited July 2012
    Carolinutah. You are probably right. Lava Man might have to accept the award on IHA's behalf, as he will be far away by then. IHA is such a beautiful horse. He ran his heart out in those two races.
    Would love to see LM accept for IHA....his preps for the Derby were great too

  • Poor Union Rags. Such a good horse. I too think that they'll retire him, which is a shame. We'll never kow how good he could have been. And the others too. Guess hansen will have to step up to the plate. He's a good horse too. Wish them all the best!
  • Bodemeister is out for now due to fever...... Guess Hansen will have to take the title of champion on his shoulders now.
  • KetaKeta Member
    Teresa Genaro‏@BklynBckstretch tweeted a Retweet from Daily Racing Form
    RT @DRFGrening: Belmont winner Union Rags has been retired,
    according to the Philadelphia Daily News
  • RachelRachel Member
    Bodemeister, dullahan, and creative cause. That's all that's left now :( another sad news regarding a good horse and one we will never know the full potential of now
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Tvg reporting retirement now
  • Its on Blood Horse also. Owner is shopping for stud deal now.....
  • Once again this news makes Zenyatta's career seem so unique and special. The Mosses were so generous to have her race into her 6th. year. They knew she loved the "game" and honored her with another excellent campaign.
  • I was so hoping to see him again at 4.....really bummed!
  • Wow, big shock! Let's start speculation on his stud deal. I will start the bidding at 15 mil!
  • cathycathy Member
    What is it with the tracks in the US that our horses can't make it out of their 3 year old season unscathed. Our we pushing them too hard? Are owners out for the prestige and the money. Is the public pushing too hard for another TC winner? Captainsmistress nice bid but with economy what it is and UR not finishing out the year drop that bid by about 12 million, which is the same problem Reddam had with IHA, a nice well bred colt who retired at 3 due to injury before he could prove himself. Too many stallions who raced and won later and retired sound to breed to a horse who never reached his full potential due to injury. Weak legs are the nemisis of a race horse, actually of any horse you breed, show or race.
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