The Barbaro Song

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Last weekend about 50 of us went to Lexington for our yearly get together to honor Barbaro. We usually visit different horse farms, sometimes as a group, and sometimes individually. This year we went to Three Chimneys Farm the day before Dynadad was put down. All we were told then is that he was comfy, out in his paddock enjoying the sun on his back. The following morning came the very sad news that after we left he told them it was time. On what would have been Barbaro's 9th birthday Dynadad was put to rest.

But the story doesn't end there. Sunday we met at Churchill Downs for brunch, to visit the Museum and go on the backside tour. I was lucky cause I got to see Lava Man! The grooms fed him carrots so he'd stick his nose out of the stall!

At brunch we heard this FABULOUS OUTSTANDINGLY FABULOUS song by a man named Jerry. I don't know his last name. He wrote this song, his friend came with him to play backup guitar. And thanks to a really nice lady MJ who happened to videotape this--we have it. MJ spent all week learning how to upload this. And now it successfully works. I don't think Jerry has a name for this song (if he does I didn't get it!). Without further ado please have a listen and enjoy this MARVELOUS song.


  • Thanks for sharing.Love it in Lexington.
  • Crazy4ZCrazy4Z Member
    Barbaro was one of my all time favs. How I miss him! It was the great Zenyatta who brought me back to a love of racing.
  • Thanks for sharing, had to share it with Barbaro!
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