Belmont Stakes 2012



  • Did you read an article on that? Can you post it please?
  • Its on Bloodhorse, they are waiting for the hospital to call and tell them when to bring the horse to the hospital. The owner said Giant Ryan is "sorta comfortable", has eaten and drank alot of water.
  • RachelRachel Member
    thats where i read it
  • I was in the dining room at Laurel for Belmont Day. The loss of IHA was a real loss for them and a lot of the other tracks. They told us they had over 100 cancels after IHA pulled out of the race. They were even giving away IHA hats.

    I was so sad that he didn't make the race, but at least he is healthy and has a wonderful future. We could not have stood another breakdown like Barbaro and Eight Belles.

    Perhaps the stars are lining up for R12 and Taco to fight it out like Alydar and Affirmed.
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