Just wanted to wish Mr. Commons a winning trip today in the American Handicap! Good luck to John & Mikey and come home safe, Mr. C -- and in front of the pack!!!!


  • Ditto! Here is hoping he will win and they all come home safely!
  • what time is the race so i can watch it?
  • Wilkinson first, Mr. Commons second, Liberian Freighter third.
  • Bummer! But second isn't that bad because Mr. C is still paying bills. And he's home safe and sound. I'm happy.
  • Crazy4ZCrazy4Z Member
    I'm proud of him. He ran a good race.
  • Paula1Paula1 Member
    Mr. Commons had a not so great trip but inspite of it, he came roaring back. A better trip and he would have won easily. He was clearly the best horse in the race.
  • Wish I had seen the race.
  • So PROUD of the little fella. HE is a good boy, 2nd place is not at all shabby!!!!!!!!
  • candicandi Member
    congratulation Mr Common, for me your the champ!!!!!.
  • I really like this horse. Thanks for giving us the results...he always seems to be in the $.
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