California Racing

whoodlerwhoodler Member
Just looked at the 2011 directory of stallions standing in CA. A lot of them. The only name I recognise is Papa Clem. Perhaps, if people truly want California horses to get more respect... especially if they want it for California BRED horses, not just those purchased eastern-bred but living in CA horses... they might start a campaign to get some quality stallions standing in the state. O'Neill and Raddam have said they haven't decided where to put IHA. Start there.


  • Realistically KY bred horses are have been, still are, and probably always will be considered the best. Horses standing at stud in other states such as CA, FL, and NY are considered throw aways basically. They didn't perform in KY and so KY farms dump them off on someone else because they want to keep their good reputation. Its sad but is the truth of the matter. Which is one the big reasons why Zenyatta went to KY to live out her breeding career rather than staying in CA, so she could be bred to the best stallions in the country and many in the world.
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