Birthdays March 20

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Two birthdays today--Robyn Henderson (and her Lava Man) and Lise in Maine.

A Birthday Poem for Robyn Henderson
(March 20, 2012)

Our dear Robyn Henderson
Always has fun
At the races.
At Santa Anita,
The Great Race Place,
Robyn typically graces
The south side
Of the Seabiscuit Walking Ring
Where she finds it the neatest thing
To see the horses up close
As the jockeys get ready to ride.
She wears a bright smile
You can see for a mile,
And if you’ve heard the rumor
That she has a great sense of humor,
Well, you can tell
That it’s true
From a photo
She may to you show
On her cell
Of herself sitting proudly astride
A handsome palomino
Or dun,
Which, she does confide,
She finds it fun
To ride.
He’s a steed
Full of speed,
And in the photo
He’s in full run
As if on the lead
In a race.
Without a whinny or neigh,
He’s underway,
Nor does it take a lot
To make him go—
Just a few coins in the slot!
Robyn is also a fan
Of the great
Lava Man,
Who her birthday does share.
Robyn did declare
’Twas her plan
To bake
Some carrot cake
To take to Lava Man
So together they can celebrate
This special date!
Robyn and Lava Man,
As we you both commemorate,
Let me state
You two rate
Our highest praise
And the very happiest of birthdays
To date!
Happy birthday, Robyn and Lava Man, and many, many more!

A Birthday Poem for Lise in Maine
(March 20, 2012)

On March 8
You did to Zenyatta confess
Your preference
For her foal’s birth date.
You did her address
In French
With “Bonjour”
And relate
That today,
Own birthday,
Would likely be for her
Too late.
It’s a pity
But true
That since you
Rarely post
On Zenyatta dot com,
The most
I know about you,
Apart from your name,
Is you’re a mom
Living in Maine,
Isis is your dog,
And you have a penchant
For French.
All the same,
I composed this ditty
In your honor
And I hope you’ll it see
On today’s blog.
Joyeux anniversaire, Lise,
Et plus encore!
Happy birthday, Lise, and many, many more!


  • Happy B-day Robyn & Lise.
    Great poems Trina.
  • I do ty whoever wrote my birthday poem on March 8th
  • AlexAlex Member
  • Trina, you are amazing! Beautiful!
  • Beautiful poems Trina - I am not sure how to navigate all of these various discussion groups. Certainly will take some time for me to figure out. Love the various categories. I wasn't sure at all where to post just non-related to Zenyatta news. I did want to share that my son Steve is home in the U.S.A after serving in Afghanistan for over a year. Received a call this morning on his way home from Kansas City Airport. I know there is a poster whose husband is currently in Afghanistan - I wish I could remember her name. I want to extend my prayers and thoughts for his safety and all others. I'm very glad Steve is home with his family in Warrensburg/Whiteman AFB. Not sure what his next assignment will be. Zenyatta's website and the caring posters sure helped me throughout his deployment. You are all so kind in your thoughts and prayers. All the Zen-news and feedback helped me immensely. You are all the tops! Everyone have a wonderful weekend.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    As usual...superlative are just awesome
  • Happy Birthday to our class Racehorse Madame Mistletoe. She turned 3. We had a cake and made a video to send to her owners. The children loved it. We love Mistletoe. RUN MISTLETOE RUN !!!!!
  • Happy Birthday Robyn & Lise. Robyn was that you in an interview on HRTV, gushing about Lava Man LOL ?
  • RosebudRosebud Member
    my horses b-day is 9 days after robyn henderson and who ever else that was
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