Giant Ryan

I'm sure you've all heard of this poor guy....If you find any news on him. Post it here!


  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    last heard was off to surgery at univ of news since...
  • I heard he hasn't even gone into surgery yet.
  • Hasn't left Belmont yet.. They are waiting for the hospital to call and tell them when to bring him to the hospital.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    the article says owner worried about trip to hospital...but he is standing in his stall OK..
    has eaten and drunk water...tolerating splint/cast well
  • MKernMKern Member
    I read that he's still in his stall at Belmont. I am wondering why they are not doing the surgery ASAP. I just hope they don't worsen his condition by waiting too long. :(
  • article (2 hours ago) said that they are waiting to hear from the doctor.
  • HeidiKHeidiK Member
    I was surprised that he wasn't rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery. The owner is afraid of the toll it will take on him for shipping but, he's standing Ok and eating and drinking. That's the last I've heard.
    Giant Ryan, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you all the best.
  • Really hope he'll be okay. Really don't want another Barbaro in my lifetime.
  • Don't know a thing about this horse but let's just pause a moment or two here...I gather from the thread this horse broke down or was vanned off. I don't know if it was yesterday or today.

    I do know with Barbaro (and I can certainly understand the sentiment about not wanting to go through that agony again)that waiting was deemed the thing to do. He was standing and eating also.

    The wait actually did a lot of good because it allowed all his vitals to return to normal. Racing puts lots of stress on the horse and the longer you wait the better. I refer to Ruffian for why its good to wait.

    I don't know if UC Davis has a sight on surgery in regards to breakdowns. I talked to someone this morning at Expo who works at Davis (she works in stem cell stuff) and she told me to check there sight for lots of info.

    Maybe "Our John" has a few thoughts on this and can help us understand if he has a few moments.

    You can try sending a query to the track or to New Bolton. Don't know if they can say anything but you never know.
  • I wasn't saying it's bad to wait. I just don't want him to end up like Barbaro. I looked at Giant Ryan's pedigree and he has SO much potential as a sire. Plus, it just isn't right for another horse to die in such a way in my lifetime, I hate to hear of the death of a horse it makes me sadder than anything in the world (which is saying a lot because I have deppression.)
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    TTimes article says he tolerated van ride to hospital ...4hrs...very this afternoon...seems like he has good head on his shoulders...
  • good, glad they can get it fixed and him on the road to recovery. Makes a person wonder if the surgical options, waking up in swimming pool options and after care options would have been available for Ruffian, how she would have fared instead of the waking up in the stall diaster that she had.
  • RachelRachel Member
    They didn't have all that back then. Cuz of her death that's when they started making things like that
  • RachelRachel Member
    Even if they did she just wouldn't calm down. She was born to run and that she did until she died
  • Yeah, Ruffian was a very sad tale. Took the death of a great horse to get everyone's attention. Hopefully, even with his injuries, Giant Ryan will be alright with the technology they have.
  • I know they didn't have all this new stuff now, that was what I was trying to say.
    Back when Ruffian was injured, the reason she was euthanized right in the recovery room was because in her waking up, she rebroke the bad leg and broke the other front leg. They had a heavy plaster cast then, not the lightweight ones of now. They woke them up on rubber mats back then, did not have the swimming pools. If they had had the swimming pools, cast material that could get in water, like used for Barbaro, she would have been able to run for all she was worth , in the pool and not reinjured herself.
    Horses waking up all try to run and move around, it was not just her "born to run".. Horses genetically are made up to get up and move from danger, laying down helpless is danger to them. No horses come out of anesthetic well, I have never seen a horse just lay there and wake up slowly. Same as dogs, they struggle, fall over, and move around.
    Laminitus treatment, which killed Barbaro has made huge jumps since his euthanasia. The treatments for horses, from what they learned from him, have made alot of injured horses that develop laminitus, be able to be kept alive and walking, compared to what years ago.
    Unfortunately, the leaps and bounds made in equine medicine are wonderful, but some horse has to be injured to make better treatments/learning experiences possible.
  • RachelRachel Member
    anyone remember the grey horse called Thorn Song i believe? he got laminitis and and treated it with his own stem cells. he recovered really well and went on to stud
  • Right now the biggest crisis is that he has three injured legs.
  • RachelRachel Member
    who has three injured legs? giant ryan only has the one ;,.,;
  • edited June 2012
    *2...... He fractured both sesamoids in his front left leg and ligiment damage in the back.

    Also just heard a rumor that he was euthanized...PLEASE tell me it is SIMPLY a rumor!
  • Giant Ryan our thoughts are with him and hIs owner!
  • I heard the same rumor - God I hope it's not true!!
  • RachelRachel Member
    i thought it was broken sesamoids in left front leg and ligament injury in the back of that leg
  • Maybe. I read it "Both sesamoids fractured and ligament injury in left hind leg"
  • RachelRachel Member
    no its sesamoids in front left leg and ligament damage in back of that leg. i found the article:
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