• Thank you Amanda for the report. I hope he does pass some Dynaformer and La ville Rouge genes, too. He sure looked beautiful in his last race. All the brothers are gorgeous! I hope we see Margano soon and hear more about the baby brother.
  • KY Tbred Assoc Retweet of Janet Patton of Lex Herald
    RT : Lentenor, Barbaro's brother, retired from racing due to tendon injury,
    Nicoma Bloodstock says.
    Stallion plans in works.
  • I got a notice today that Margano worked out!! Yay, at least one of the brothers will be racing!
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    There is the fourth little guy.....think he is called Sereno...should be considered a 2yr old after jan 1st
  • That will be exciting, can't wait!
  • Love barbaros brothers but im a bit over trying to get another barbaro, its gotten too sad so im moving on with that and loving his brothers as their own identities not just cuz they are his brothers. Sadly all but one are retired from racing, i feel like i didnt get to see them run that much, they werent in the spot light like i thought they would be.
  • We didn't see enough of them because they weren't like Barbaro. Most people didn't expect them to be as good, lightening doesn't strike twice usually, but I loved them for themselves and their parents! I felt sorry for them because people expected so much. But they were still beautiful and talented in their own rights!
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    both of the retired brothers.... Nicanor and Lentenor....are really gorgeous ....and they have great genes....Margano is much of the same and some think he is a shade faster...have not seen anything of Sereno but a baby picture...but he showed promise...
    but being by Big D....they usually take longer to develop...Barbaro was a phenom...his brothers so far have been good race horses
  • anyone know what happened to Brethren? full or half brother to super saver i think. absolutely no word on him in a long time since his last race which his jockey totally blew clear out of the water. well last race that ive seen
  • Brethren finished first in an allowance-optional claiming race at Remington Park on September 28, 2012, piloted by Luis Quinonez. He was not entered for a claim. His latest workout was on October 7 at Remington. He breezed 4 furlongs in 51:24, 4th out of 11 at that distance. He has been at Remington since August.


    He is a half to Super Saver. SS's sire is Maria's Mon, while Brethren was sired by Distorted Humor.
  • oh thank you for that! it sucks hes not running at the top, wonder what happened to him after that last race before he went off the radar. glad he won tho
  • It will be interesting to see them go off to stud, might give us a clue to what Barbaro could have accomplished as a sire.
  • Sad but true, most champions never reproduce themselves in the breeding shed. But everyone always hopes we'll see a reproduction. With Barbaro's brothers, none of them ever reached the level of talent and athleticism that he did, but who knows, they may pass the winning gene combo onto some of their get. But I doubt it. Let's see how Frankel does in the breeding shed. I'm going to miss that super-star!
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    True, but I'm sure they'll reproduce some sort of champion. They'll probably never produce another "Barbaro" but they could definately produce a champion in their own right. Some champions created champions.
  • Seattle Slew sure managed to produce some great ones, so there is hope!
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    Sunday Silence also produced some great kids...
  • Sunday Silence was soooo beautiful! Why did he slip through our fingers in the U.S.? At least he was treated like royality in Japan! He deserved it! I also think Japan is doing worderfully with IHA. I'm impressed!
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    Hi Louise.....why do they still list him as dark brown ...when we know he was a true black ...
    Love his boy Deep Impact ...but some of his girls are too gorgeous ...
  • Carol, I was wondering the very same thing about his color! Whatever they call it, it sure looked black to me! Also, I too love Deep Impact! I need to go read some more about Sunday Silence! I read something not long ago about his personality, that he was definitely "the boss" and I just love those headstrong stallions!
  • i think its cuz when there seems to be a black horse it happens to be a dark brown in the sunlight or they lighten up when they get older so the jockey club just deems them dark bay or brown
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    Could be....except he never changed....stayed black....of course they couldn't know that ahead of time....but if the preakness times for Sec/Sham were finally corrected ....why not this too
  • its a mystery lol
  • So yesterday I did get obsessed reading about Sunday Silence and found this article that is so sweet and thought someone would like to read it if you get bored. What a horse! http://www.reines-de-course.com/sunday_silence.htm
  • Just read this while watching the Giants/Cardinals. Very lovely tribute to an amazing horse who did not get the respect he richly deserved. Thank You for posting!
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Just read this while watching the Giants/Cardinals. Very lovely tribute to an amazing horse who did not get the respect he richly deserved. Thank You for posting!
    Ditto....watching game
    Ditto....great article
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