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    I have a dumb question for you pros here. Do stallions at these big farms ever interact with each other? Or would they kill each other? I'm just imagining two Dynaformer sons meeting one on one, especially if they have dad's personality. I would love to be a fly on the wall to see that! So proud of little Lenny! I still think of him as a little baby and he's all grown up. Sigh! Time just flies too fast for me. I did read recently that Lentenor threw the jockey at one of his last races so he may very well have Big D's personality.

    Stallions are highly territorial. They are never allowed to interact. Two stallions in the same space would seriously injure and possibly kill one another. Some can be friends (sort of) as long as there are a couple of fences between them and no mares around, but others can't abide the sight of another stallion. I read of a case where one stallion got through a fence separating his paddock from another stallion's paddock. He didn't get into the other paddock, but they ran along the single fence fighting each other until one ran into a tree and was killed.

    Some of the Old Friends stallions are across-the-fence buddies--actually two fences and a path in between. But they are all retired and are kept well away from any mares. Nevertheless, even the nicest of them has his own paddock.
    I heard an interesting little tip from someone who owned a Percheron stallion (I know, their demeanors are far calmer than that of a thoroughbreds, but a stallion IS a stallion) about how to calm a stallion down when mares were around. Since his stallion was in the same barn as mares, he put, I believe, some cold sore medicine on his stallions' nose. The smell of this stuff was so strong that he couldn't smell the other mares and get all "excited". And it worked! He never so much as nipped at anyone when he was handled. The most rambonctious I'd ever seen him was when he was being taken out too do some excersizing and he just wanted to play.
  • Thank you Lauraj, I kind of had a feeling they would not interact, but just wasn't sure. I love when you said some could be friends as long as a couple of fences are between them. That's funny! Also was wondering about Zenyatta's boy and his friends at Lane's End. When do they get too old to be together? And when do they get too old to be with fillies? Thanks
  • IIRC, the LE weanlings will be separated by sex when they move to the yearling division in December. That's any day now, I guess.
  • So, I just found this about Lentenor's big brother Nicanor! He's going to be making some babies,too! You can scroll down a little and there is a link to the farm. http://forums.delphiforums.com/alexbrown/messages/?msg=60792.1
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    So glad .....they are both so gorgeous....and dear old dad started out slow then fought his way to the top of the stallion ranks ....the very best to both of them
  • Excellent article & analysis with pedigree charts!

    Dynaformer’s Sons for 2013
    Mahubah’s Corner By Avalyn Hunter
    Pedigree Weekly Newsletter The Blood-Horse

    Dynaformer’s death in April left a unique void in the American stallion market. One of the few unquestioned sources of stamina among U.S.-based sires, he was also one of the few with strong appeal to European buyers. Yet he lacks a clear successor in the United States; with the exception of the ill-fated Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (gr. I) winner Barbaro and the late Shadwell Turf Mile Stakes (gr. IT) winner Purim, who died in January after siring just four crops, most of his best entire sons raced abroad. Nor was Dynaformer’s proclivity for siring late-maturing stock with a taste for grass and distance the kind of thing to make his sons popular with North American breeders. At the opening of the 2012 Northern Hemisphere breeding season, only 16 sons of Dynaformer were listed as being at stud in North America, and none really had the combination of racing quality and pedigree to draw decent mare support.

    That may be about to change. While no retirement announcement has been made regarding the Phipps Stable’s multiple grade I winner Point of Entry (see Point of Entry Could Be Dynaformer’s Heir), who at this point seems more likely to continue racing in 2013, three other Dynaformer sons will enter the breeding shed next year. Two, Americain and Lentenor, will stand their first seasons at historic Calumet Farm; the third, Brilliant Speed, will stand at Three Chimneys as a hoped-for replacement for his sire.
  • Greg Jones‏ tweet FULL BROTHER NAME & PHOTO
    Barbaro, Nicanor, Lentenor, Margano, and now the last full brother has been named,

  • he looks like hes a big boned boy, he looks like hes going to be something
  • He reminds me a lot of Barbaro. He's gorgeous!
  • they all have reminded us of Barbaro hehe, except Morgano, he looks like hes his own horse ;) and hes stylish winner.
  • they all have reminded us of Barbaro hehe, except Morgano, he looks like hes his own horse ;) and hes stylish winner.
    Yeah, you're right Rachel. Maybe I just want them to look like Barbaro? Lol! They are all good looking boys, though. Margano seems to be getting darker and darker, I think.
  • i loved that the first time i seen Morgano run was the one in which he wins. he ran great. was a little choppy it seemed like he was unsure of being that far on the lead but he did it.
  • Thanks, Keta, for posting the info and picture. He's sure a cutie and I do see Barbaro in him... I hope they spoil him because he's the true baby brother of the bunch.
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    Greg Jones Monday June 16, 2014
    Photo of Lentenor taken yesterday at home in Indiana (Ryan Campbell photo).
    He looks wonderful!

  • Isn't he gorgeous?! I love Lenny!
  • Does anyone know if the Jacksons still own him?

    The farm he is on is not too far from Indy. I contacted them and they said a visit, depending on the time, would be welcome. Think they really love this guy.

    Still waiting for his full brother and the last one, Pennmarydel, to race.
  • Greg Jones‏ tweet FULL BROTHER NAME & PHOTO
    Barbaro, Nicanor, Lentenor, Margano, and now the last full brother has been named,

    Keta, He has his own face book page but not much on it yet. They reported that Penn is 17+ hands and is being given lots of time to grow up.
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    The stallions that are at the Indiana Stallion Station are
    Domestic Dispute: Indiana's 2013 Stallion of the year, he is sired by Unbridled's Song so he is also related to Will Take Charge and other horses like Rockport Harbor
    Heat Shimmer: he is the son of Malibu Moon who has also sired horses like Kentucky Derby winner Orb, champion Declan's Moon, Devil May Care, and Life At Ten, his dam is Miss Mambo who was sired by Kingmambo
    Here is are some pictures of one of his foals (I think it might be a foal from this year)
    Lentenor: he is the only stakes winning, track record setting full brother to Barbaro, he finished fourth in the Florida Derby and defeated horses like Game On Dude, Fort Larned, Action Andy, Stately Victor and Duke of Mischief (he looks just like Barbaro I love when I am able to go see him he is a great horse and beautiful at that)
    Here are some of his foals they are adorable
    This is one of my favorite foals that I have seen from him yet
    This is another one of my favorite foals that I have seen from him this one reminds me of Nicanor just with the face marking
    Mustanfar: he is sired by the great Unbridled, so he is also related to 2000 Preakness Stakes winner Red Bullet, Unbridled's Song, and other horses like Empire Maker
    Quarter Given: his sire is Elusive Quality who is also the sire of 2004 Kentucky Derby and 2004 Preakness Stakes Winner Smarty Jones and sire of 2008 Breeders Cup Classic Winner Raven's Pass, he is also the sire of Quality Road. Quarter Given is also a half brother to Dubai World Cup and Breeders Cup Classic Winner Pleasantly Perfect, his dam is a daughter of Affirmed named Regal State.
    Here are some pictures of some of his foals
    Sold To Wallstreet: won the Forego Stakes twice, placed in the Holiday Cheer Stakes twice, won all 10 races out of 34 starts at distances from 5.5. to 6.5 furlongs, he is a true sprinter and earned $286,900
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