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Okay Everyone the day has come where I will be posting a lot of stories to start off here where we left off I will post links to the other stories very soon.

The next day Prince and Z woke up to see Dottie standing outside their stall with a dozen roses in her hand.
“Wake up Z I have a present for you.” Dottie chimed looking into the stall at Prince and Z laying down. Prince sprung to is feet excited and walked over to Dottie as she opened the door of the stall. Z got up and shook all of the straw off of her and walked over to Dottie and Prince.
“Hello you two! I have a present for you Z. It is from your new boyfriend. “
“Mommy those are such pretty flowers! Dottie who are they from who are they from?”
“Well they are from your mom’s new boyfriend. Here I will read the letter he wrote for Z.”
Dear, Zenyatta
When my dear handlers at Gainesway informed me that you were going to be one of my next dates I was ecstatic. I cannot wait to see you. I have watched your race career from the start and always admired your great form and elegance on the track. Now that you have a little one you still look ravishing. So my dearest I am writing to you now because I would like to tell you how much I love you and how I excited I am for our meeting. I have written a poem accordingly.
My oh My Zenyatta
How my heart jumps for you
In Pink and Blue
You shine above them all
I will wait patiently until the day
We meet at last
I get to see your sweet face
But until then
I will admire you from afar
My dearest please oh please
Wait for me until then
For you will see
That when we dance
We will tap our heels
To the beat of our hearts
But until then
Keep me in your heart
Time is all that keeps as apart now
But still our hearts beat as one

Always yours,
Zenny started to blush “Oh he is so sweet!” She proclaimed with delight
“Just too cute.” Dottie agreed then she put the vase of roses on the shelf next to her stall and picked up the picture that was enclosed in the letter. “Here he is.” She said as she showed Z the photo.
“Oh look at his ears! Plus look at that color. As you know Dottie I have always been fond of grays.” Prince started to bounce trying to get a glance at the photo.
“I want to see I want to see!”
“Okay 12-Z.” Dottie pulled down the photo so that Prince could see it.
“Oh my Mommy he is handsome! I cannot wait until I get a little brother or sister! Will he be grey just like his daddy?”
“No one knows for sure 12-Z but it is a possibility. But I also have something that Tapit sent you 12-Z.”
“Yep” Dottie pulled out a basket full of stuff. Inside there was a bag full of carrots, a small ball, a new glistening leather halter with a pink and blue cotton lead rope, and lastly she pulled out a set of blue and pink brushes. “This is all for you 12-Z and it came with a special note for you.”
Dear, Prince
I hope that you will let me share your mom she is truly the most amazing mare ever. You are one lucky foal to have a mom like her.
“Aww that is so cute I already love him Mommy!”
“That is great Prince!”
“Well I think it is time for you two to go out.”
“Today you will meet your new paddock mates.”
“Yay! Someone to play with!”
“Their names are Spooky Minster and Spooky12. Spooky12 is by Candy Ride.”
“That will be a cool foal to name!” Z exclaimed “Well I cannot wait to meet them.” Then she turned to Prince “Remember to be polite Prince and you don’t need to do anything if you are scared.”
“Okay Mommy I will be nice.” So with that Matt walked in and pulled the halter off of the hook and put it on Zenyatta and hooked the lead rope to Prince’s halter and they started to walk off with Dottie leading Zenyatta. Spooky and her foal were already in the paddock. Little Prince and Z walked over to Spooky and her colt.
“Hi Spooky my name is Zenyatta but you call me Z or Zenny. This is my colt Prince.”
“Hi Z this my colt Spooky12 he is a little shy though. Spooky come out and say hi to Zenyatta and Prince.”
“Hi… My name is Spooky. Wow you have such big ears!”
“Spooky be polite.”
“It’s okay I love my big ears I am very proud of them! Hey Spooky do you want to play?”
“How do you play? I have never met another foal before.”
“Well I usually race with my mom but we can start by just exploring this new paddock.”
“Okay sounds like fun!”
So off Prince and Spooky went to go and explore the new paddock they soon found a nice spot that was covered by a huge oak tree. So they lay down and started to talk.
“So Spooky what is your dad like.”
“Well my mom doesn’t really talk about my dad much because she has had so many foals before. I have a lot of brothers and sisters apparently. Some are even racing! But one day when our groom took us on a walk around the farm I saw him in his paddock. He was so big and magnificent I hope to someday be like him. I really wanted to say hi to him but our groom took a turn around the other barn. What about you? Tell me about your dad.”
“Well I have never met my dad in person but my mom has told me a lot about him. His name is Bernardini. Maybe later I will tell you about him but right now I am ready for a nap.”


  • What fun. Can't wait for the next installment.
  • SierraSierra Member
    Today the next installment is coming out.
  • Welcome back ! X
  • Welcome back Sierra, and thanks for the beautiful installment. It is so believable am sure Prince and even the Queen will be impressed.Its 3 am in the morning but had to finish reading this. You should compile this as a horse novel.Good formatting too. Great job.LOL to all.
  • What a charming story. Thank you for allowing us to enter such a delightful fantasy world where our favorite horses communicate with each other just like people. And who knows - maybe they do.
  • Welcome back Sierra! Can't wait til the next one!
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Great story Sierra chapter eagerly awaited
  • cathycathy Member
    Yes Sierra it was a great story, it belongs in a romanace novel. My original thoughts had the Mosses breeeding our Queen to Tapit, and now they have. Maybe they will go with another of my thoughts, Giants Causeway or Afleet Alex in the US, or Galileo abroad. what dreams we would then have. I hope to see future installments in this wonderful story.
  • Okay guys I am so so sorry. I did this again but my mom decided it's time for you to start driving lessons and tutoring so once a week I have been getting math tutoring and then three times a week I have been taking driving lessons which equals no time to write but now I think I finally have time. So lets try this again but please bare with me!
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