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  • Dear Ashton & Sue: I don't know how to respond to your posts, except to say that I count you both as members of my chosen family. Sue -- forget you? Impossible! I am taking down Boston, Majestic Prince & the GREAT A. P. Indy to add to my request list. But I am just so honoured that you liked the article and to count you as friends. Ashton: the night that you posted on Zenny's Diary to say that your Moma had died, I had a "chat" with Jericho (my late Spirit Dog) -- as I do most nights before I go to bed. I asked him to find Kari & take care of her. A few nights later, as I was falling asleep, one of my (3) cats leapt over my head at the wall above the bed. I grabbed her, muttered un-nice things and attempted to return to sleep. She did it again -- hurling herself at the wall above my head. Daisy (my new dog) sat up & was staring at the wall too. I turned around & looked up. There, on the wall, were 2 dancing lights -- they looked like fireflies. I assumed the light was coming in through the window, but the blind was drawn. I got up to check outside. The street was empty. Those 2 dancing lights continued for maybe another minute, with Daisy, me & the cat watching. And then they seemed to disappear. I have always thought that this was a sign from Jericho, to say that he'd found Kari and was dancing with her.
  • Wow. There's a gooseflesh-raising story. Awesome.
  • Brought tears to my eyes, Abigail. Amazing experience. Thank you for sharing.
  • Abigail, I believe everything you said is possible. Our loved ones hang around, even pets. I don't know if you read a while back how I had lost my beloved cocker Opie. Shortly after my other cocker Cisco, who was so sad went to a spot in my bathroom where Opie slept and was barking and wagging his tail......there was nothing there but a wall! This went on for a week each time there was nothing for him to bark at but a wall but he continued with tail wagging. I swear he could see him! Of course no one else believes me or thinks I'm nutty. Animals are so much smarter than we are....they are DUMB only because they cannot speak. I love your story of Kari and Jericho and believe, like you, It's true. Hugs
  • Abigail, you gave me goosebumps AGAIN!!!Please, please, please publish a book. I love your stories from the vault and your stories like the one above about Kari and Jericho. Amazing! And SueFredrick1, I don't think you're nutty, I believe, too.
  • @Abigail--I'm so glad you're here! I just wish time permitted for me to read every post on every discussion. Alas, thinks keep getting in the way. I'll always check to make sure I haven';t missed a column by you.
  • Abigale,
    I believe! You left me in tears again. You had no way of knowing this, but Moma loved with a capital LOVED fireflies. They are very abundant here in Tennessee. Every spring and summer they light up the night in spectacular fashion. Thank you for sharing the night your Jericho and Moma came calling...
  • VA_in_CA,Celeste, SueFredrick1, Louise, Barbara, Inspirationalwonder (which you are!) -- You all moved me to tears with your beautiful responses to the "Jericho Dances With Kari" story. No -- I did NOT know that Kari LOVED fireflies. Wow! Another of those miracles that come to those who believe. PS: Jericho is just going to LOVE Kari !!!!!
  • Abigail,
    I've admired your writing for a long time (both on the Diary/Blog and The Vault). I may know next to nothing about horses, but I am certainly able to recognize "class" when I run across it, and you are certainly the epitome on that score. I don't think we've ever connected before (not for lack of trying on my part, but I always seemed to post comments that were either too late to be seen or . . . well . . maybe they just didn't hit the mark). I've learned a great deal from you, cried over your spirit dog Jericho, shared the story about my departed kitty jumping on the bed at night, and am just in awe of your "presence" on these sites. I expect that I will continue to learn as I read your material in various venues (and The Vault has some great links to other sources of horse knowledge!!). Thanks for what you contribute to all of us.
  • SandyNEOhio: Your very kind comments about THE VAULT are one of the most exquisite that I have EVER received and words seem inadequate to thank you. I must add, though, that if I have overlooked other comments you sent via Zenny's Diary, I am terribly sorry! I must say that, although I adored the Diary and in spite of its very, very special place in my life, it was often tough to read everything written on any given day and do any justice to other Zen-sters wonderful posts. This may be a plus for the Forum venue, although I am not always as keen on forums in general. But at least one can zero in on specific topics and respond intelligently! But thank you from the core of my being. It took me 40 years to be brave enough to share my loves on THE VAULT and it is just so beautiful & touching to have found my true community, personified by you and the others here and on my blog, in so doing. HUGE HUGS! Abigail
  • Inspirationalwonder: Meant to add (above) that Jericho will also take very good care of Kari. I am SO GLAD that she is there for him!
  • Abigail, I too, believe.
  • Abigail,
    Thank YOU very much. Glad we finally connected. I forgot to tell you that I had no idea how the Ruffian story was going to turn out . . . . Wow!
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    I found the above comment in my "drafts" folder and thought it hadn't been posted (but I think that was just a technical glitch). The only way I could get rid of it was to edit and write something else (this is the something else). Sorry. Does anyone know how to delete a comment altogether that one has posted by mistake?
  • The latest from THE VAULT, published today, is about Great Britain's last Triple Crown winner -- the incomparable NIJINSKY. ENJOY!
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Just read the newest article...its great ....
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    Abigail- you've done it again! What an enjoyable learning experience! Thank you!
  • You have done it again!! What an amazing blog article, Abigail!! Word Press did actually send me the email with your latest on Nijinsky II, but again would not let me make a comment on that site - oh, well - thank goodness for our beloved Zenyatta's forum! Thank you for bringing us the story of Nijinsky II in such an entertaining and interesting way and providing so many photos that added so much to his story. Your research and your writing are such treasures that you are so kind to share, Abigail - thank you so much!
  • I loved this Abigail - you write so beautifully! The photos are always Z best!!
  • Wonderful,simply wonderful.
    Yes, I love the photos too. Look at N Dancer, he is a solid concrete block w/ legs. I had the honor of meeting him. He had 2 Chesapeake Bays guarding his barn. One put his mouth gently over my Dads hand. He was saying WAIT,go no further!!!! We did get to touch him.

    The great Nijinsky,gorgeous,what a story. THANKS!!!
  • cigarcigar Member
    I guess I have not been paying attention, but now knowing that the oldest living winners of Triple Crown races are all gone, it makes me sad. And nostalgic for the 1970s. What a decade.
  • cigarcigar Member
    Oh, and does anyone remember Carry Back?
  • Oh, and does anyone remember Carry Back?
    Yes indeed!!!

    Carry Back’s running style was typically to lay well off the pace early, then unleash a furious, heart-stopping run through the stretch. He frequently produced impossible rallies to the wire that drove fans wild, further amplifying the improbable fairy tale of his existence.......sound like someone else????
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Oh, and does anyone remember Carry Back?
    Was he not by Saggy out of Joppy ...great story there
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Saggy was the horse that won the only race Citation lost his greatest year...Citation got pushed way wide in the turn and Saggy hugged the rail and hung on...
    Joppy was supposedly banned from racing for her refusal to leave the starting gate..
    She was purchased for a few hundred and Saggy's fee was about the same...
    the racing deities blessed this pair with Carryback...
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