Maryland Commission: Secretariat in 1:53 at Preakness

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All of you have probably seen this article.


As a longtime Secretariat fan, it brought tears to my eyes when I read it. I met Secretariat and received a piece of his mane. He was as much a gentleman as our Queen is a lady: very gracious to the fans who love them so. Penny Chenery looks so young in the picture. I remember her in Secretariat days as one of those few extraordinary women who paved the way for the rest of us. She has fought for 40 years for this: high hooves to Penny!!

Hope some of you are as happy as I am!!!!

Take care,
Mary in Boone


  • Oui in Big Red's last video there was also a little girl who received a piece of his mane =O He was truly a great horse....One reason I regret being born near the end of the 20th century.....I'll never be able to see any of the real greats.
  • I'm so happy for Penny. What an amazing women. She never gave up! Love it!
    Mary in Boone - That is so cool that you got to meet him & get a piece of his mane. Do you still have it & how often do you look at it?
  • Yes, Kelly, I still have it and look at it all the time. I framed the mane along with some photos taken on that special day. A guy I met by buying Secretariat items on Ebay met him too and told me that, except for the births of his children, meeting Secretariat was the most important day in his life. I will have to say it was for me as well. I hope to one day be able to say that about the day I meet Zenyatta, our Queen!!!! I am certain she would be just as kind and gracious to this fan as Secretariat was.
    Take care, and thanks for asking,
    Mary in Boone
  • PS For a great read about the 1973 and the 1971 Preakness, go to today's (6/20/2012) Hangin' With Haskin in The Bloodhorse. Was thrilled to read not only a documentary on Canonero is near release but also a full-length movie is to be released. High hooves, and get out the Kleenex!!!
    Mary in Boone
  • So great that he finally got his due. I saw Secretariat several times after he retired and have treasured photos of him with my daughter and neice. You are so right. He was a gentleman but had a touch of the devil in him. He liked to stand up the hill under the trees in his paddock, but when he saw visitors coming would fly down to the gate and make a sharp turn in the last second after he had scared us all. He rather liked to see his fans jump.
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