Fasig Tipton Yearling Sales

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First time ever watching a yearling sale.....And I must say.....These horses cost some pretty pennies! But being brand new to Horse Racing..... What goes into a sale like this?


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  • I gave up trying to understand what the auctioneer was saying LONG ago...... But did you see that Flower Alley colt? Sold for quite the price! He looked a lot beefier than his brother.
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  • His sister was in the sales too and she was a cute little thing....Not as big, tall, or "showy" as her brothers, but she was so cute! I actually really liked her..... I think she sold for less than 100,000 but she was still a big number.
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    And this is not even the select sale.
  • And this is not even the select sale.
    When is that sale?
  • And this is not even the select sale.

    When is that sale?
    I believe it is the first week of Oct. You will see upper hundred's of thousands and millions of dollars spent on most of the yearlings. The Keeneland September Sales are big also. Major money spent on yearlings. $300,000 would be considered a bargin in those sales, most of the time.

  • Can we see it online? I'd love to watch ^^
  • I love sales! I actually covered the Fasig-Tipton July Sale on my blog. I did a Part One, which featured my top selections, and a Part Two, which highlighted what those selections sold for. If you'd like, you could read those two blog posts via the links below.

    Part One: http://pastthegrandstand.blogspot.com/2012/07/part-one-fasig-tipton-july-sale.html

    Part Two: http://pastthegrandstand.blogspot.com/2012/07/part-two-fasig-tipton-july-sale.html

    Thanks, everyone! I hope you all have a splendid evening!
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    Anyone know how to get pictures of the yearlings? I'm trying to find a picture of the Flower Alley filly...

    And thank you PTG.... Very insightful posts about the sale.
  • Can we see it online? I'd love to watch ^^
    http://www.fasigtipton.com/ Fasigtipton sales you can watch from their site and usually like today you can go to bloodhorse.com and they have a link so you can watch it live.

    http://www.keeneland.com/default.aspx Keeneland you can watch directly from their site also.

  • I watched the Fasig-Tipton sales..... Cannot wait for the others.... Would be cool to see previous yearlings become famous.
  • And this is not even the select sale.

    When is that sale?
    Fasig-Tipton's big select yearling sale is The Saratoga Sale, August 6-7. The catalog is on line,

    F-T's October sale is not as big a deal, although there will be nice horses.

    The biggest yearling sale is Keeneland's September Sale. It runs from September 10 through 21 and attracts buyers from all over the world. The first couple of days are the Select portion. The catalog isn't out yet.
  • Holy crap! HIP 162's damsire is Affirmed! I didn't know there were even any daughters of TC winners anymore... Didn't even know such a blueblooded foal could exist..... Let alone a hundred.
  • Well, his youngest offspring are 11, so he has quite a few crops of breeding age, and about half of them are female. Affirmed has a good reputation as a broodmare sire, so we will see his grandchildren for a few years anyway.
  • Seattle Slew also still has daughters who are producing.
  • Fasig-Tipton does sales in MD at the Timonium Fairgrounds. I literally live 2 minutes from the fairgorunds, but have never attended a sale. I'm not even sure if they would let me in (LOL). It would be a great experience though. I always love watching the stables fill up with horses when the sales are near.

    Next one in MD is October 1-2. Exciting!
  • Cannot WAIT to watch the other sales. We might witness the beginnings of a champion.
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    I saw a yearling that had the head of man o war. Looked like him a bit. He sold for 150,000 or 100,000
  • A lot and a lot of work, patience, and time. I worked one year training and prepairing horses for the Keeneland Yearling Sale and I have to say it was quite the experience.

    I don't know how other farms do it but this is how ours worked.
    Their feed is watched like a hawk. We measured each amount of feed and supplements to a T.
    They exercised once daily in the walker and once daily were hand walked.
    During the beginning of the training they spent the days outside and came inside through the nights, but about 3 months before the sales they were kept inside at all times.
    Because of the amount of feed they recieved they got poultice applied to their knees daily to help reduce the chance of heat.
    They were trained to get used to clipping, grooming, and handling.
    Farrier came on a bi-weekly basis to keep all their hooves in check and could do any correcting that needed to be done.
    And was deffinitely something that one must REALLY know how to handle horses in every situation, and deffinitely not afraid, because as time went on in their training and got more pumped up with feed and supplements and became more fit the hotter they got.
    At the sale I thought that my arms were going to fall off from the amount of grooming that was required.
    Also it is important to remember too that the owners want these horses pumped up and acting a bit loco in the sale. Typically in the mind of the TB world a horse that acts a bit out of control is desired more than the ones that go around very docile like. Because it is seen that they will be better runners if they have this kind of temperament.
    Which is one reason why if you watch the horses before they go in for sale complex the handlers walking them for view will aggravate the horses a bit to help get them hyped up a bit.
    One big reason why Storm Cat's babies are so sought after, but are also some of the most dangerous horses you can handle.

    It is deffinitely an intersting thing to watch though. The sales are very exciting, especially when you watch a horse that you helped to prepair for the sales go for $3.2 million.
  • The Fasig-Tipton Saratoga Sale for yearlings begins tomorrow! This sale leads all yearling sales in percentage of grade one winners. You can check out my top selections in the sale here: http://pastthegrandstand.blogspot.com/2012/08/part-one-fasig-tipton-saratoga-sale.html
  • I will be looking for Hips 58 (1/2 to Invasor), 96 (Giant's Causeway ex Spain), and 146 (full to Street Boss and out of a daughter of Ogygian, one of my favorite Old Friends).

    Starts tonight at 7. Maybe we can get a running commentary going.
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    Here is the link for those that want to watch we will probably see some big prices. http://www.bloodhorse.com/FTSaratoga/
    Hip 1-94 are tonight 8/6
    Hip 95-189 are tomorrow night 8/7

    Here is the link for the catalog as well so you can see the upcoming yearling, search by dam or sire. http://www.fasigtipton.com/ci/catalogues/view/2012/Saratoga-Selected-Yearlings
  • Off and running! Hip #1, a Bernardini colt, goes for $525K. Auctioneer is really selling hard.
  • Lots of pooping in the ring so far.
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