Dumpling Karen Gogue is in hosptal

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I copied this from the Blog, so all would know about it

Our dear Dumpling, Karen, has been admitted to the hospital today for tests, etc. To respect her privacy, I cannot say at this time what she has been admitted for.

I ask you all to say a prayer for her complete recovery. ♥

Thank you!

{{hugs}} Karen!! XOXO


  • My thoughts and prayers are with you Karen.
  • Prayers and thoughts coming you way dear Karen. Get well soon.

  • Sending our love and prayers from not only me, but from all the friends you didn't even know about 2 years ago! Dumplings are amazing!
    Someone please update as soon as something is known.
  • Positive Thoughts for a speedy recovery.
  • KathyRKathyR Member
    Best thoughts for a speedy return to health Karen, from down here in Oz.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Get well....come back soon...we miss you
  • Get well soon. My thoughts & prayers go out to you & your family.
  • cigarcigar Member
    My thoughts and prayers are with Karen and her family.
  • DRWADRWA Member
    Karen, please get well soon and start posting again. Zennys site is not the same without your comments. Hugs.
  • I'm thinking of you, sweet Karen and sending you positive energy, my friend.
  • Get better Karen!
  • Praying for you, Karen. hope you will be back soon.
  • slewpyslewpy Member
    Get well soon and hurry back.
  • Sorry to hear the news. Hope all the tests are negative and that they "spring" you soon. Hope you brought a printed-out picture of Z and Z12 to keep your spirits up. The weather is all icky and overcast, so you're not missing anything. Have a good rest and emerge reinvigorated. Hugs.
  • Best wishes for good test results and a speedy recovery from the hospital confinement, Karen. Hope you are soon back to your best. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers!
  • If this was facebook...I'd like this.
  • cigarcigar Member
    Good. Best wishes to her.
  • HeidiKHeidiK Member
    I hope she fully recovers from what ever ailed her. Glad that she's home. Get well, Karen.
  • Good news. Hope all is well with her.
  • MaxMax Member
    Karen. Hope that you are well very soon. I miss your posts. Thinking the best for a rapid recovery.
  • KetaKeta Member
    Thoughts & prayers for a quick recovery.
    We miss you.
    Hugs, Keta
  • Glad to hear you are home and hope you are feeling better, looking forward to more posts from you,but don't push it take your timecome back to us at 100 percent
  • Just want to wish you well x
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Glad you home....get well soon....
  • So glad you are home.... be well soon. Praying for you.
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