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Hello from one of my most favorite places Jackson Hole WY! Today I saw my first moose of this trip. My sis and I went ALL over Grand Teton National Park, Oxbow Bend and even to Emma Matilda Lake. No moose. Not even on the Moose/ Wilson Rd. But at 6:30 when I went to town for a pizza there she was! Right at Teton Village Rd and 22. Mom was a deep chocolate brown color, the babies are getting very dark too. They are super easy to camouflage. Just get in the shade, stand behind a couple of bushes and voila your gone to the rest of the world!

I knew it was a she cause no head gear! I wondered about a baby and quick enough there he was. Mom went out in the road but the baby wouldn't cross. I couldn't blame him with everyone looking and watching. Mom went back and then the baby crossed with mom still in the road just like a crossing guard! She stood there for several seconds when all of a sudden I saw a second youngster. Mom finished crossing the highway. Poor thing had his feet caught in some fencing. He got free but I'm sure he feels like he twisted an ankle or something from that go round with the fence.

So here's the weird part. Moose up here anyway have this ginormous rut in Sept and normally give birth in May. These are two VERY short cycles--rut lasts 2/3 weeks and delivery? Well just about all the females deliver in a short two week cycle. This is because of predators. All the babies safely on the ground and able to run in 2/3 days--that makes it harder on the predators.

Cutting to the chase here. The second calf I saw didn't look like a yearling. I suppose it could have been. But he was way bigger than the baby that was born in May. These animals aren't PZP'd. No one messes with them or their cycles.

And even if that second calf was a yearling why is he hanging with mom?

Moose are solitary creatures. They may graze close together and I've seen twin yearling brothers hanging out but mostly once a babies weaned--their on there own.

Moose are really strange looking. They have ears approaching 11 inches long and they can hear from up to two miles away. They have a long nose like a mule, kinda of a hump at their shoulders and a super short tail. Honestly pictures don't do them justice. You just have to see one to see how magnificent they are.


  • Are you visiting in Jackson Hole? I live 75 miles from there.
    Yearlings will stay with their mommies for guidance, food and safety. Not unusual to see moose with this years babies and a yearling hanging around.
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    We saw a moose and twin calves a few years back, trying to hike up to the Little Yellowstone in Rocky Mountain National Park. We came around the corner and there she was, munching on willows. Then she and the babies went and laid down just off the trail. We decided not to go on. If you see a moose in the trees, all you see are legs, they are so tall. Very impressive.
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