Hootie The Pony Horse—RIP

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I heard today that Zeny's pony horse Hootie passed away. I don't know how or why i saw it on facebook 10 minutes ago. R.I.P. Hootie.


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    Just read the fb article....seems "neurological disorder"....was the cause from my reading...seems he was happy and well loved..
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    Hootie Passed Away--From Facebook
    Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and kind thoughts for Hootie.
    It is with a heavy heart that we announce his peaceful passing.
    Hootie led a happy and exciting life as a track pony, with his most famous racehorse partner being the great Zenyatta. When Zenyatta retired, Hootie’s owner, Freddy Wilson, decided to let Hootie retire, too.
    Freddy told us he knew Hootie would still like a little job, just not a hard job, after his many years of being a track pony. So Freddy decided that donating Hootie to TROTT would give Hootie the kind of retirement he would love.
    Thus Hootie became TROTT’s beloved spokeshorse. Hootie certainly loved his life with TROTT. While he was still able, he gave trail rides around Stonepine, as he taught the young racehorses how to be safe trail horses. Hootie was a patient teacher and loved every minute of his retirement job.
    Our volunteers adored him and gave him lots of spa treatments and horsey treats. Hootie loved all of his visitors, and made them all feel special.
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    A Discussion on Hootie had already been started.
    See Hootie The Pony Horse RIP
    FYI-I didn't start it, just added to it.
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    I read the tribute on his fb page and had to make sure to have kleenex near. I wept like a baby. Hootie, you will be soooo missed and you were certainly loved! You taught the Queen very well! I feel like we lost another member of our Family! My heart is breaking. RIP pretty boy!
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    I was very sad to hear that he had passed away. A sweet, sweet pony.
  • So Sad. RIP Hootie!
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    A lovely story about Hootie & his pony rider Freddie!
    Here are some samples. Worth reading!
    Based on this, Hootie was 21
    Horserace Insider Saturday, January 22, 2011
    Freddie & Hootie, Off Into the Sunset Written by Bill Christine
    I knew that if I wore my Zenyatta baseball cap on the street long enough, it would pay off.
    I turned around and there was Freddie Wilson. We were both wearing Zenyatta caps, but were hardly mirror images. His was all black, with a circled white "Z" in the center; mine was Hollywood Park-issue, black with the stable colors of green and pink. The wearer of the other cap had been Zenyatta's pony boy, and in Wilson's case, never was that term more of a misnomer.
    Freddie and Hootie, Hootie and Freddie, the pony boy and the stable pony, they were inseparable during the morning training hours of the heady Zenyatta years. "We're both retired now," Wilson said. "Hootie's 20, and I got emphysema real bad." Hootie, a sorrel quarter horse, escorted Zenyatta to the track so often in the mornings that Wilson can't begin to count. Hootie came to John Shirreffs' barn from another trainer, Carla Gaines.

  • Freddie and Hootie are definitely a huge part of the glorious Zenyatta years at Barn 55. I loved every picture of them with Zenny...they were part of the magic for sure.
  • Oh, that is such sad news. Rest in Peace, Hootie.
  • RIP Sweet Hootie. You will be missed. Hope you are running and romping and bossing all your companions in the great green pasture in the sky. No more pain.
    Love, hugs and kisses
  • I wept when I heard of Hooties passing. I know he is romping pain free in green pastures at the Rainbow Bridge. He will so be missed on earth but I know he having a great time with all the other Greats who have passed before, Secretariat, Ruffian, Ferdinand, Seattle Slew to mention a few.
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