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My Dear Zenyatta Friends,

I posted this on the blog also. It is certainly wonderful to be writing to you all again. I have missed you and what to thank all of those who kept me in your thoughts. Mother and I are home in Colorado safe and sound after an amazing three weeks on the road. I was blessed once again to be sharing such an adventure with my beloved mother. The time we have spent together is truly priceless. Having my dear friend Shari Voltz join us was very special and we also got to meet Debbie Gustafson for dinner one night. Too fun!! (Keta: I do not know how I forgot that you also lived in Lexington, but Trina reminded me. I am so sorry we did not get together. I hope we can do so in the future. ) The time I spend in Versailles/Lexington each year is very special to me and brings me so much joy. I tried to show Shari the Kentucky that I love, taking her to some of my favorite places and including some new destinations as well. We ended up going to 17 farms as well as Keeneland and Churchill Downs. I know Shari has posted some impressions herself about our time together; my hope is that she enjoyed it very much. There are so many wonderful stories I want to share with you about the people, places and of course beautiful horses we were able to see. I will be writing and posting them soon.

I have been trying to read some of the entries here on Zenyatta’s site, but I fear I am not going to be able to get caught up on all the past posts. I did call our Trina and she brought me up to date on most of what was happening and has been kind enough to also share poems I have missed. I can’t wait to get back in the grove of reading what all of you are up to and posting regularly. So much wonderful information and friendship is shared here.

The pictures of Zenyatta and Baby Z have been great. Thanks to Lane’s End for the “Ask The Experts” posts.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY : Kathryn Cogswell, Pati, Sharon in Seattle, Arlene Nelson, Kathy Baldwin, Sue Colvin, Katherine Wheeler and the beautiful Ann Moss!!!

To my terrific SIS, Peggy N, how I wish I had been closer to Atlanta so that we could have celebrated your special day together. It would be so amazing to meet you face to face!!!

To Susan Carothers, I hope your birthday was special. I am sorry that we were not able to get together while I was in Nashville. I do hope you got the message I left for you. I know you have suffered the loss of some of your beloved fur babies and my thoughts have been with you. I can still picture that day meeting you in Tennessee, driving down the lane and into the barn area where Pepsi and Rootbeer lived. I was welcomed by this small, red coated, white whiskered old fellow named Chester. He was such a sweetheart and his story was heartbreaking. But you were there for him, just as you were for all the others that needed your care. It takes hard work and dedication. You and othes like you are hero’s to those animals in need and to me.

Terry Crow: Thank you for your continued humor!

Karen Gogue: I understand you have been under the weather and I have been praying for a speedy recovery. You give so much to others, I hope you are taking care of yourself and are doing much better!

I am still working on plans to attend Breeder’s Cup 2012 and can’t wait to meet some of my dear, dear, Zsters!!!!

This post is getting fairly long so I will end for now, but I do want to address some of the things that have been happening in Colorado that have touched my life as well as many, many others.

Unfortunately the state that I love has experienced some terrible blows during the last several weeks; I have shed tears and said many prayers. Before I left on my trip, my own little town of Cedaredge was hit by a forest fire just a few miles outside of town. We could see the smoke billowing into the sky and count the seeming endless fire engines that raced past the bank. Helicopters and planes flew overhead dropping water. You cannot help but be frightened when you think about the wind changing directions or the fire becoming uncontrollable and turning toward the town. Our courageous and hardworking volunteer fire department responded quickly and called in assistance immediately from 5 other local communities. Working together, they handled the situation with no loss of life or homes. When you see the area burned, it was miraculous.

During the first week of vacation, the Waldo Canyon fire erupted in Colorado Springs. The lives touched were many including the son of the marvelous lady who owned the inn we were staying at in Versailles. He was living there and involved with the ministry. As many of you know, my nephew is a firefighter for the forest service and my first thoughts went to him and his safety. We called my brother immediately to make sure Justin was alright. Thank God he was. Everywhere we went in Kentucky when people found out we were from Colorado they expressed their heartfelt sadness for what was happening. It was very touching to see the concern and feel the care.

And finally this week, the unspeakable horror and evil demonstrated in Aurora, Colorado. My heart has broken for all those killed and injured in this terrible act, as well as their families and friends. We often feel that today’s society is steading heading downward. And we see or hear about human acts which shock and sadden us; but I have to believe there are still far more men and women living there lives who do care about others and this world of ours. It is a time to reflect on love, not hate. A time to come together and work together for the betterment of all and to remember what is truly important in life. Imagine what we could accomplish!!

RIP Hootie

All my love to each and every one of you,
Hugs, Dawn


  • It's so good to see a post from you!
  • Thanks for sharing such a kind and generous post and I know I'll be looking forward to seeing more and learning about your wonderful trip to Kentucky. Like you, my heart goes out to all those in Colorado who have been through such tragedies.
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    Hi Dawn,
    Glad to see your post and hearing that you're having a marvelous summer.LOL, Arlene
  • Thank you all for the warm welcome back!!
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    Hello i,m rose bud
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