Name Day!!!!!

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The name of Rachel Alexandra's foal will be announced tonite in a ceremony after the curlin stakes! Can't wait to find out Taco's adult name!


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    Didn't want to start a new discussion, but Stonestreetfarms definitely has some nice two year olds with Teen Pauline setting a track record in her debut, and Kuaui Katie winning by twelve lengths.
  • Just to add a little something....Teen Pauline's sire is Tapit. I still love the idea that Z is in foal to him.
    BTW, I see today in Bloodhorse that Rachel's full sister is going up for sale. Morrison is doing a dispersal sale; I think the article said 22 horses?
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    The name is.... Drum role please Jess's Dream!
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    Stonestreet Farm on FB posted:
    It's JESS'S DREAM! (toasting with his glass of water!)
    Congrats to Samuel Bucholtz of Chino, CA--our contest winner!
    He and one friend will be flown out to stay for a weekend on the farm!

  • Jess's Dream although a good name....Sounds kind of girly.
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    Since Tapit or General Causeway were my first picks for the Queen, I'm happy she is in foal to one of them. Jess's Dream is blah!! Alexandersragtimeband, or something dealing with RA or Curlin would have satisfied many people following RA
  • Jess's Dream may sound "girly," but he won't know that, so he won't mind. I bet they'll still call him Taco around the barn.
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    Bet he'll be a force to be reckoned with on the track despite his name. Saw RA in person at the Haskell in NJ. She was one tough lady on the track. She didn't blink an eye in the paddock and was all business. I hope it's like mother like son.
  • cathycathy Member
    I hope they keep calling him Taco, that is at least is a manly name. I'm a 56yr old women, but Jess's Dream sounds "girly", as others have mentioned. What were the owners thinking? Well what is done is done, and we will all have to live with this nasty name. I still think, Alexandersragtimeband is better than Jess's Dream. By the way does anyone know who Jess is?
  • Just think of it like "A Boy Named Sue".... Having a girly name will only make him tougher!
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    Cathy, "Jess" is Jess Jackson, the owner of RA and Curlin.

    It was his dream to breed the two HOY but he died in April 2011 before ever seeing Taco.

    Thus "Jess's Dream" is homage to his dream to breed and produce a viable foal from two HOY.
  • cathycathy Member
    Yes, I understand that now, but still I'm a firm believer of naming foals to honor the sire and dam and not someone who passed away. Sorry I didn't know Jess Jackson, I probably would have liked and admired him if I would have known him, but I didn't, did you? Well it doesn't really matter, the two HOY bred and produced a viable colt for whatever he might do in the future. I hope they don't point him for the triple crown, because we are talking 3 races in 7-8 weeks and no horse bred now can handle that kind of pressure. Watch the forelegs and cannon bones they are to small and too fine to handle that many races in such a short time frame. That is why we have't seen a TC winner in such a long time. Maybe someone will finally figure that out, who knows, because I'm 56 I've seen severaL TC winners, and I see a major difference between the past and the present. I hope the people who have never seen a TC winner have the chance someday, but not at the expense of the horse.
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    You asked who Jess was. That is what I answered.
  • I really feel sorry for the fans of Rachel Alexandra & Curlin. The colt's new name Jess's Dream is.....uninspired, unimaginitive, and quite frankly, too pedestrian. I'm not "feeling it" as far as the name.

    I just know that when the Moss's name Zenyatta's firstborn, it will be a name we'll all love instead of a name that will have all of us letting out a collective WTF.
  • cathycathy Member
    Zenyen, actually I figured out who Jess was before I asked, but lets face it the name of the foal by RA and Curlin sucks. Even if it was his dream to breed these two horses together he would of come up with a better name then Jess's Dream, he had more imangination than that, and he wasn't(from what I could google on him)a man who wanted his name a part of the story of the horse racing industry or legacy. He loved his horses and loved to see them run win or lose.
  • Well... I was thinking something like "King Alexander" or something along those lines.....Not much better but still is by a bit.
  • EriNCEriNC Member
    I originally was going to submit Jess's Dream, but decided to submit something I came up with myself instead of something I saw on a forum post. So I submitted Jackson's Legacy. I thought about using curlin and Rachel Alexandra's name but couldn't think of anything I liked.
  • The name is cacophonious--too many s's to strangle on. Better to be "Jackson's Dream." Personally, I went for "Macedonian" (another monicker for Alexander the Great).
  • KetaKeta Member
    It is a done deal.
    Taco's registered and racing name is: JESS'S DREAM
    The race track announcers & tv folks will be able to handle it.
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    EriNC Jackson's Dream or Jackson's Legacy was one I had thought of as well, though I didn't submit anything.

    I know it was important to Barbara Banke to acknowledge her late husband with the name so Jess's Dream it is. As Keta says the track announcers and tv folks will handle it fine and around the barn he will most likely be Taco for life.

    So long as his name is called called "And it's Jess's Dream at the wire!" I don't think anyone will mind!! :D
  • My brother and I submitted the name Curlin Beers. Now that's a manly name. We never thought it would win but maybe bring a few smiles....
  • It's hard for me to believe that out of the 6,000 plus name suggestions they received, this is the best they could one up with.
  • cathycathy Member
    I don't think they considered any of the 6,000 plus names, I think Barbara Banke decided on Jess's Dream from the start. I think she let everyone think she would consider other names, but she decided what she did and no matter what other names where put before her she wasn't going to change her mind.Because in fact many of us had a much better moniker than Jess's Dream, my own was Alexanderragtimeband, maybe not the most original, but way above what he now has to live with.
  • I agree with you cathy. They had this named picked from the start. I didn't enter a name because there were going to be so many entris. Like you guys my frist thoughts were really thats his name. What would make me mad is that I sumbitted that name and I don't even get the grand prize because so many others suggested it. They had to draw for the winner. Wish they had tried for more original.
  • Actually from what I understand, 110 entrees said "Jess's Dream" However.... I don't believe they actually went through the other ones. Another popular one was "King Alexander" which would have fit much better with him. I think they saw "Jess's Dream" and were like "That's it.".
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