Question: Registered to race?

So, unfortunately, google cant help me answer this one! I'm finding a lot of mixed results.. So I was hoping somebody on here could answer my question: Does a horse have to be thoroughbred and have to be registered to race? Thanks!


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    For a thoroughbred to compete in thoroughbred races, then yes that horse would have to be registered with the Jockey Club of America. In each race, the horse's entered are checked by a steward for a tattoo on their upper lip. This tattoo is tied back to their registration documents and ensures that the proper horse is running for the conditions of that race.
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    There are races for other breed( quarter horses and Arabs mostly) but to race in races such as Kentucky derby, then yes the horse must be a thoroughbred registered by the jockey club.
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    Even though the QH industry doesn't require tattoos, many have them, not to prove who they are but to protect them. Theft is on the up and up, good stallions and mares tend to just disappear. The only runner we had was a gelding(good stallions make great geldings) so we never feared for him the short time he was on the track(he was an 870 horse, but they don't have that distance for 2yr olds) I think all registered horses no matter what the breed, should require a tattoo, yes it is painful at first, at least for the horse, but the overall feeling of security would be beneificial for the owners.
  • Additional info: Thoroughbreds have a closed registry. In order to be registered as a TB, both parents must be purebred TBs. Also, the Jockey Club does not permit the use of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, cloning, surrogacy, or any other assistive reproductive technology. All breedings must be by live cover. (Thisis true for all TBs worldwide.) This is not the case with other breeds, where AI adnd other technologies are permitted.

    Besides TBs, you can find races for Quarter Horses, Arabians, Appaloosas, Paints, and even mules. There is a mule named Black Ruby, who has been called the "Zenyatta of Mules." Then of course, there is harness racing for Standardbred trotters and pacers.
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    Laura what about AI if you're not racing but doing something like 3 Day Eventing? Or is that when a tb is registered as a sport horse?
  • From what I've observed, breeders of Thoroughbreds for the sport horse market still prefer to register their animals with the Jockey Club. (The Jockey Club is the only registry for TBs in North America.) The live cover rule applies regardless of whether the horse is to be raced or not. Of course, a horse's talent, not its parentage, matter on the athletic field. But TBs can be used to breed some warmbloods, such as Hanoverians, that have open registries. These registries generally require the TB parent to be registered. Plus, there are other benefits to registry, including the certainty of the horse's breeding. Sport horse people pay attention to pedigrees just as racing people do.

    Now, when a Thoroughbred is bred to a horse of a different breed, AI and other reproductive technologies may be used. For example, a TB stallion may be used to sire Paint horses via AI. The resulting foal is then registered as a Paint.
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    Hey lauraj_cincinnati, you can find races for QH's, lord your misconception is showing, yes they might allow AI(under very firm guidelines)we had a mare bred this way because the stallion was on the east coast and are mare was in CA, instead of the$4500.00 it ended up costing us closer to 10K, but the mare would have never survived traveling to the east coast. But back to the issue of racing QH's the All-American Futurity for 2yr old QH's is still the richest race in America(over 2mil to last years winner) plus there are at least 2 dozen more races that have approximately 1 mil for the winner. I may know more about this because I've spent the last 30+yrs of my life involved with Quarter Horses. I love watching the TB's, but you kind of sound I'm not sure what to say without being offensive. Maybe you could open your mind up a little to other things other than the TB, because it's not the only breed out there.
  • Cathy, YOU might try reading before you comment. I specifically mentioned Quarter Horse racing in my post just above Margaret's. Her question and the ensuing discussion were regarding AI for Thoroughbred sport horses. Thoroughbreds are bred by live cover only. If they are not, then they cannot be registered as TBs regardless of their intended purpose. This is the case the world over. Yes, a TB stallion may breed a Quarter Horse mare (for example) via artificial insemination, and a Thoroughbred mare could be bred by a Quarter Horse stallion by AI. However, the resulting foal would be a Quarter Horse and could not be registered as a Thoroughbred, no matter how much TB blood it actually had (which in some racing QH lines could be well over 50%).

    And yes, I know that Quarter Horses race. I've seen them. There are also races for Arabians, Appaloosas, and Paints. There are even racing mules. I mentioned these in my post.

    The richest race in America is the Breeder's Cup Classic: $5 million purse with nearly $3 million going to the winner.
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    Yes lauraj, you mentioned QH, Arabs, mules etc. in passing, but the riches race is the Dubai World cup at between 6 and 7 million. Why dont you just admit that you care more for TB's and I care more for QH's and other breeds, because raising, training, and showing QH, I did a 2yr stint with Arabians. We all have are own likes and dislikes. Yes the QH industry allows AI, but it tends to cost the mare owner more than twice the fee, because we had a mare who traveled so poorly, even within the state of CA, that sending her to the east coast to be bred was a accident waiting to happen. We had to send someone to the stud farm, and he had to watch the collection, he had to initial the vials, then transport them back to CA, it might be easier now, but back in the 80's it was expensive. But hey lets all take a deep breath and decide not to futher pursue this topic, because none of us will ever agree. I also tend to agree with you on a lot of issues, so let's decide to disagree on this one.
  • Yes lauraj, you mentioned QH, Arabs, mules etc. in passing, but the riches race is the Dubai World cup at between 6 and 7 million.
    Not to uh ... get into the middle of things or anything, but lauraj_cincinnati was right when she said "The richest race in America is the Breeder's Cup Classic: $5 million purse with nearly $3 million going to the winner. "

    The key word there is "America"
  • Cathy, I truly have NO IDEA where you got the impression that I was knocking Quarter Horses. None whatsoever. I have been participating on this website since its inception in the fall of 2010, and not once do I recall anyone asking "Which do you prefer--Thoroughbreds or Quarter Horses?". I don't mind being critiqued or challenged over something I actually said. But nothing, NOTHING, that I posted above expresses a preference for one breed over the other--much less anything that could be interpreted as some kind of Thoroughbred chauvinism. It was a discussion of breeding and registration practices. If you can read more into my comments than that, I'm sorry, but you are misremembering, misinterpreting, or imagining things.

    I have nothing at all against Quarter Horses. I like them. I don't understand how this became an issue. The first horse I ever rode was a QH. He taught me to ride at age 9. If I were looking for a saddle horse, I'd seriously consider purchasing a QH. I don't follow QH racing, but that's because there is not that much of it around here. If I lived out west I would probably be more into it.

    I hope that's sufficient.
  • This is great..pass the popcorn!
  • Butter and salt?
  • TheGoldenHayflinger, this discussion wasn't about the richest horse race in America, you notice I didn't highlight it like I was yelling at you, this discussion was suppose to be about registerd to race, and lauraj and I have a differance of opion of what she was saying, we were going on about racing but at no time did I say this blog was about the richest race in America. LauraJ, I agree but I like lots of butter and only a little bit of salt my BP is 110/72 for a 56 yr old women thats damn good, and I want to keep it that way. Sorry, we are moving so any comments you want to get back to me with will have to wait for the next week. Enjoy and talk about me all you want.
  • OK.. I have visited several discussions and it seems like we have two people that are just begging to argue with each other. Please stop. I know that this is an open forum, but really! If I want to read or hear catty comments (and I am sure many others agree) then I can watch reality TV or watch soap operas. We are here for the love of the animal and not to bicker with each other.
  • raceon I give up, I don't won't to argue about things that really are meaningless. I've been involved in horses for more than 30yrs granted almost all of those years where with QH's, but I had dealings in Arabs and thourghbreds. I promise not to start any more arguments with you know who, if she wants to start one with me she will have to confront me directly. I will no longer allow myself to be drawn into a cat fight. So lets all take a deep breath and enjoy life.
  • Thanks Cathy, I too have been involved with horses most of my life. You are taking a dignified stance. Hats off to that.
  • Hey Raceon you are giving me more credit than due, I was letting emotions rule something I rarely do, since my forte was showing trail horses thru some difficult courses at times, It was said that I had nerves of steel and ice water running in my veins. I let someone get the better of me, it won't happen again. I'm happily married for the last 17yrs with the one true love of my life, and nothing is better or more full filling than that. As much as I have always loved horses, they don't begin to fill your heart like someone who loves you just for being you.
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