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    Well of course but I think it would start a lot of contreversy if she were taken from Australia to America....Much in the same way that IHA going to Japan caused a lot of commotion. She would be in very good hands with the Mosses, and I think it would be wonderful if she came here..... But in part I think she belongs with her people.
  • Hi Cathy, glad you're back! Cathy, Ruffian, and KathyR, I've never had to deal with putting a horse down personally, but I saw Ruffian, Go For Wand, and Eight Belles break down and it is just heart rending, especially Go For Wand!!! The most horrible, gruesome sight ever!! Go For Wand had such a huge heart that she got up and kept running across the finish line! So, yes, I do think these champions will keep trying even though they shouldn't! Towards the end of Zenyatta's career, I started worrying so much about her that I would pace outside until her races were over!! (yes I know I may have issues). So, I'm sure if BC races again, I won't be able to watch. I am praying her connections retire her! Again, she doesn't have to prove how big her heart is, WE KNOW!
  • I also agree about the contraversary, but let us put our personal feeling aside, Hey, there is a post regarding IHA, he has some of the top mares in Japan booked to him next year and that would not have happened in the US, at best he would have been a 2nd, if not 3rd rate stallion instead of being at the top of the A list, his breeding is not happening in the US. You know Coolmore Farms has a Farm in Australia, if I'm not mistaken, BC could stay and be bred to top European stallions without leaving her home, since the Mosses don't want to see Z leave, they could let BC stay, just a thought.
  • Folks, may I suggest a deep breath?

    None of us are anywhere near Nellie to see her first hand. Lava Man had nothing to prove, he was given retirement and hated it so he went back to the track. Tasty Temptations was offered motherhood and hated it (at least the first time around). Typhoon Tracy retired safely only to be lost in the foaling stall.

    On the track, in the foaling stall, there is risk to all of it and it is about equal. What is most important is that the people who have their hands on Nellie, who know her, who have lived with her day to day, that those people help make the best decision for Nellie.

    Peter Moody has not done her wrong in her career, neither have her owners. Let's put some trust in the people who know her that they will make the decision that best suits Nellie.
  • Zenyen, I understand what you're saying - I didn't mean to get so carried away. Sorry! I just love BC so much and I do realize things can happen to horses in their own paddock and in many ways including foaling, so I will take a deep breath and be calm! Thank you!
  • Yeah, I took that deep breath, and I think the problem is we all love Nellie so much we are not trusting Moody or her owners to do what is best for her. And not once have they ever done anything to distrust them so much as we are doing now. They don't deserve it, and I do know in the end all be all of everything they will do what is best. Inspite of all our negitivity, I have a feeling that Nellie has seen her last race.
  • I trust Moody. He has been very good to her.....But something doesn't feel right.
  • I'm back (but still depressed, even if the garden looks a little better). What a truly fantastic thought the two best girls together. Just think what helpful hints Zenny could pass on to Nelly. Personally, I think if the Moss' did make such an offer, it would be considered by these owners. But it all depends on which stud farm has the most interest in her on retirement. Rick Jamieson, the fellow who bred Nelly, and still has her mum, Helsinge, at his Gilgai farm, has just taken out a share in Myboycharlie who stands at Vinery stud. Rick is on record as saying he will never sell another filly, and I wish he had been able to keep full control of Nelly. But I think this is all just speculation (and wishful thinking) on my part. Still, it's nice to dream - the best horses, with the best owners!!
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    Kathy-- I think we'd all love to see the two ladies together! Just think of what a glorious sight that would be... Two of the worlds' most insperational mares together, with their legacies by their side. Unfortunately though I think she was promised to someone else.
  • I'm with you, Ruffian.
  • Hey KathyR if I've got my timeing right you're just about ready to sit down to lunch, based on what we talked about earlier, you are 15hrs ahead of us here in the states. Don't be depressed, some of like to carry on about worse case senerios. I tend to be an opptimust bringing the wrath down upon me for that, or else you could say I'm a realist, and take the good with the bad. BC and Moody and her owners will do what is right, I feel it in my bones. Sorry, I don't think Myboycharlie would be a good match for Nellie, I need to do a little more research which I am famous for, but he sounds like a wuss. Oops thats setiment over actual knowledge, let me get back to you on him.
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    Let's try to lighten up the subject, who would you breed Nelly with? I looked up Curlin for a match and you know what?.....A+!
  • Um, I thought we were talking about Myboycharlie, not Curlin, hey but what do I know. RR12, You know I love you but I don't believe in truenicks or any other computerized breeding stats. When I was breeding horses you read their winnings, their heredity, and what their foals where doing at the time, yes I believe in the power of the computer, but not to pick a true and accuarate mare/stallion prediction. I believe in the old adage of blood, sweat and tears.
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    I know ^^ It's still fun to do though, seeing how good your "rookie nicking skills" are.... Afleet Alex and Nelly got A++ and so did Nelly and Tapit! I am a Truenicks genius LOL.... I know it definately doesn't provide the "be all, end all" answer on who to breed her too and it never will be....Though admitedly I would like to see Nelly be bred to Afleet Alex, might provide the cross of speed and stamina we need .__.
  • Greetings Cathy: It's 1.15pm Tuesday here - and I've had lunch. The only reason I raised Myboycharlie was because Nelly's breeder has acquired a share in him - I'm not suggesting he is the bloke for Nelly. I certainly put my trust in Peter though! Will be interesting to see what ideas folk come up with regarding a partner.
  • Well you know how much I loveTapit(which I changed your initial stand on, due to my research, or maybe he was the first stallion I wanted to see Z bred to)and AA, but in order for Nellie to be bred to either of them she would have to go to the US, in a way it would be like Z going to Ireland, after the initial period of absortion, she could return to Australia to foal, or she could remain in the states, It would depend on if her owners wanted her to foal in her homeland or abroad. Just like if the Mosses considered sending Z out of the US. My dear friend at USDavis said after the 6th month traveling would not be a problem except if the horse in question had difficulties in long term traveling.
  • There is that..... But I don't think any of her connections own any breeding facilities do they? There is the EXTREMELY SLIM chance she might fall into our hands and might be bred to one of the guys. But doubtful. I also hope she doesn't end up like Typhoon Tracy, we'll just have to see I guess.
  • TT was the exception not the norm, we weren't apprehensive about RA or Z foaling for the first time, sometimes these things happen. He has a mum who is teaching him all he needs to know in life. Be happy they found a nurse mare for him.
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    She was still a reminder of what can happen. I'm sure it won't happen to Nelly, but I worry, as I always do about the horses I love. It's a wonderful fantasy, imagining her staying here for even a bit.

    Speaking of Typhoon Tracy, here's a comforting article on her colts' progress...Comes with picture!
  • Isn't he just so cute! And so is Heidi, his "mum". Neil Werrett, one of Nelly's owners, has a partnership with Vinery stud (it keeps coming up - her breeder, and one of her owners), but there are some very, very good stud farms down here, and some very good stallions. As an aside, one of the best, Redoute's Choice from Arrowfield will be shuttling to France, so finding the perfect gentleman would not be a problem. We just have to get the connections to do it!!
  • The post was grand, just like her foal, but that is not the norm. RR12 you know I love you and most of your posts, don't look to the negatiive think of the positive, your're too young to have such a negitive outlook on life. And I know better than most what I am speaking about, and you know I know and we'll leave it at that.
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    He looks like he's in good hands with Heidi....She looks like a gentle soul. It kind of reminds me of the story of the Phoenix, where the colt has risen from the ashes of his mothers' death. And now that I think about it....Redoute's Choice is a great...Well... Choice! (No pun intended) Isn't he the sire of her sister?

    And Cathy--I know ^^ It's one of the down sides of depression, I get into a down spiral sometimes, but I think that little article lifted my spirits. What a cute little guy! And after such a tragedy he still looks happy and healthy. I am very happy for him.

    I also realized something else... Her colt is by Street Cry. So in a sense he could be called Zenyatta's brother.
  • Ruffian: you're correct in the sire of Nelly's sister. And what a nice connection to Zenny with Tracy's little fellow. I'm so happy that article lifted your spirits - it certainly helped mine aftere Tracy's death. Keep smiling at him!
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    I think he would be a good match for her then ^^ And yes, it is quite the coincidence that Tracy's one and only son would be a brother to Zenyatta. I'm sure if he's half the horse she is and his mother was. He should be fine. Still, the little one needs our support.
  • I know that Tracy's owners John and Fumei Hutchins really loved her - they lived in Queensland, and used to travel regularly to the Hunter Valley where Vinery stud is located just to visit with Tracy (bit like someone else we know and love!). And the people at the stud farm were really devastated with the loss so I'm very comfortable with how well they will look out for the little fellow.
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