The Future of Black Caviar



  • Yeah. He's going to be well taken care of. It will be fun to see him grow up!
  • So true, Ruffian. Have a good evening - talk tomorrow. Cheers KathyR.
  • Still no new news on Nelly, when did Moody say he'd start working her and seeing if she'd be put on the track again?
  • MaxMax Member
    Here is an article which says that a decision about BC's future will be made in a month, therefore end of September or October.

    Glad to see that Heidi is looking after the TT foal. This little guy is not a brother to Zenyatta. In the equine world, siblings are related through the mare only. If I am not mistaken, Z has a half brother named Souper Spectacular. The rest of her siblings are half sisters.

  • Ruffian: Here's a little piece from today's Herald Sun (Wednesday 29 August) where Peter mentions his training plans for Nelly:
  • Hi Kathy hope your still not depressed, took a couple of days off answering this blog as things were getting a little to intense. If you are still depressed please read a blog I started earlier this month(8/13) to be exact, it's title is Worst name for Zenyatta/Bernardini foal, everyone is having a blast, you are such a great deal of fun, you have to contribute, start from the beginning, but have several kleenexs handy because some of these names are hilarious and more than once I was laughing so hard I was in tears. So PLEASE join in, it's better than any anti-depressant drug on the market.
  • I know this blog is suppose to be about Black Caviar, But KathyR are you okay, you haven't contributed for awhile now, did you read my earlier blog, are you doing okay now? Let us know not only about BC, but yourself.
  • Just watch some of Black Caviars' races....Really does the trick ^^
  • Greetings Cathy and Ruffian: Makes me feel good to know you're there! I'm hanging in.
  • Even if you don't contribute you have to read the Worst name for Z/B colt, ask RR12 who is a major contributer, the blog is a blast, it will uplift your spirits.
  • Cathy: I thought Australians were supposed to have a whacky sense of humour - you guys really take the cake. Then again, maybe that's what happens after a long hot summer!!
  • I live in Oregon, are summers are neither long nor hot. Gee, we had a whole week in the low 80's boring. I have a whacky sense of humor because I'm the youngest of 3 kids and the only girl, I was also treated as a princess, boy could I tell you some great stories about that. I get the impression you read the Worst name blog, I hope you had tissues handy if you did, I still tend to read it start to finish, some of the names are beyond belief, but what makes me cry the most is the positive respones I've had from members on how much they are enjoying that blog.
  • #Cathy, I live in Washington! It's nice to have a fellow west-coaster on here.
  • Hey RR12, I knew you were from WA from some of our personal discussions, but your right it is great to have someone from you area per say. KathyR is from Australia and she is 15hrs ahead of us if I have my timing right, especially when she told me to go to bed one night when it was 3am our time.
  • I have very fond memories of visiting both Oregon and Washington States: just wonderful scenery! Voila Ici (Nelly's travelling companion) had his first start today at Caulfield (Melbourne) - and was unplaced. Perhaps he's a bit heartsick? I do hope Nelly tuned into the race by radio, if she couldn't watch it on TV! Then again, maybe he lost because she may have another bloke she's more interested in!? Oh, these fickle women!It's 5.32pm here in Canberra, after a very pleasant first day of Spring.
  • I think he saw a filly and he let the Italian in him get to him =P
  • Ruffian: You're probably correct!
  • Well boys will be boys, hehehe.
  • It's cute to personfiy animals. One time I drew a picture of Viola Ici with a rose in his mouth, trying to impress our Nelly....She wasn't buying it XD
  • Heard via Skysportsradio this morning that Nelly will be back in training this week so Peter can check her out. Guess that decision is looming!
  • Can't wait to hear what his decision!
  • Lord love a duck, what does Nellie have to prove, I hope she tosses her jockey and refuses to run, would serve them right. NELLIE has nothing to prove, period end of discussion.
  • We might think she does but her owners might think differently.
  • Actually Nellie has more class than that, I just hope she refuses to run, but again she has more class than that. Lord, why are they trying to bring her back, what does she have to prove?
  • #Cathy I don't think she has anything to prove at all..... But if I gave it some real and greedy thought, she might prove she can make more money?
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