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Hello everyone,

I am sure many of you have heard of Remember Me Rescue, a Thoroughbred rescue located in North Texas. Perhaps you have heard of them because of their work with Lights on Broadway or King of Speed, the Many, Louisiana horse seizure, Carmel Heitzmann's participation in the Marti Gras Marathon to raise money for RMR, or, most recently, their assistance in the rescue of the Asmussen broodmares.

At the Del Mar Paddock Sale, RMR split the proceeds of OTTB True Swither's sale with CARMA. These proceeds are now being used to build a roof over the outside pens at RMR. Having been to RMR several times, I have always thought that the horses in the outside pens need shelter out there - especially during the hot Texas summer and when severe weather rolls through! However, the proceeds from True Swither's sale will not cover all of this.

To cover expenses, RMR is holding a fundraiser for which they need donations or bids (or both). You can email them to either donate an item for the fundraiser or bid on items. One of the items that is available is a beautiful Fred Stone painting of Zenyatta and her foal that is autographed by Mike Smith!

This is for a great cause. I love the people at Remember Me Rescue, and the horses of course. They could really use your help and they definitely deserve it!

Remember Me Rescue's website:
Remember Me Rescue's Facebook page (with info & pictures of fundraiser items):

Thank you all so much! Have a great day!


  • Thanks for posting, Mary! I didn't know that the paddock sale didn't raise enough funds. Hopefully this will help!
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