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I am trying to get better at being a photographer, so i submitted my photo to a contest on a horse racing website, (America's Best Horse Racing) its the new version of the NTRA. If people could check the link and tell me what you think. Its the one of early morning at saratoga, I do not have a lot of practice so any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks so much
oh and if you could vote for it to that would also be great


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    Hi, Nicole- I'm an amateur photographer and I LOVE early morning shots. What are you using as a photo editing application? I've just started learning to use Lightroom and have been having a blast with it....finally- have had the program for about a year, but with school, couldn't do anything to learn it. Anyway, you need more "light" and "contrast" I think. see if you can see this photo...

    I took it at Santa Anita early one morning.
    Also, feel free to look here, to see if you get any ideas....I'd love to swap ideas with you

    my email is listed somewhere there too...
  • i only have iPhoto, I dont really know what exactly would work the best. I only get to the track once a year since CT does not have any., but I Love your photo, it look so cool. what exactly can you do in lightroom
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    I did that early morning shot editing with iPhoto. If you want to email me the original that you took, I'll edit it using LIghtroom so you can see some of the options. Then I'll email it back. Lightroom is a big step up from iPhoto, but it's reasonably priced ESPECIALLY if you are a student, teacher or the parent of the student. The student price is 79.00 BUT there was a coupon code for 20.00 off that's good till 8/26. If you have a school email address, and your school is listed, they verify right away. Oh, best of all they give you a 30 day trial period. It's well worth the money I think. Check out the smugmug link I put in there- all those photos were done with lightroom
  • I could see your photo turning into a painting, Nicole.
    I love the rail on the lower left hand side and then how the track fades into the back.
    Great placement on the page.
    My Mom has a beautiful painting of the fox hunters coming out of the fog,morning light. Yours is going away and I love it.
    I really love the softness of color, the muted greys w/ the sunlight breaking.

    Your photo is great, maybe just a hint of touching the color,keep it subtle,just like you intended it,like mother nature made it.

    Keep up the great work.
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