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This is more for the Z shop...

Recently after a long break I'm working on jigsaw puzzles again. After wandering through my photo album on my iPad I see lots of possibilities for puzzles. Of course that work is copyright.

The pictures that I was most interested in are of Z with 12Z while she's nuzzling him, telling him about humans. Those pictures are in the first few days of life. For instance the picture from the baby announcement poster would make a terrific puzzle.


  • I am a major fan of puzzles, I can do a 1000 piece puzzle in 6hrs, which boggles my husbands mind. I hope someday soon they have a puzzle for Z or one of her and Z12, I would buy it in a heartbeat, than use the adhesive glue to make it a permantent picture(or whatever that stuff is called)
  • Geez!! Haven't did a jig saw puzzle in years. Sounds great.
  • Depending on where you live, you can take an enlarged photo and have it made into a puzzle. It's not cheap, but it can be done. You do need to live in or near a large city, LA, SF, and SJ in CA(SJ is where I had one done), check it out since it was 15-20yrs ago the prices may have gone down.
  • I know that Cathy but some of the pics of 12Z are super cute. And they are copyrighted. I have some Z photos from the barn at Hollypark...
  • Sorry Margaret I thought you were talking about personal pictures only, not some you saw on the web
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  • Isn't that the truth. If they ever do a puzzle for Queen Z, I think one of those 3D ones with her strutting her stuff, would be awesome.
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