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Sarbonne is entered in a claims race tonight at Emerald Downs. His current owners reclaimed him in his last race. Thay are some of the good ones. He has a FB page with very recent and old pictures he post. Please show support for him. He deserves respect from Zenyatta fans.


  • I'll probably get backlash for this but this was one part of Zenyatta's training that I hated to hear about.

    El Vino and Sarbonne should have been retired when Zenyatta retired, not kept in training and dropped into these claiming ranks to take their chances on the claiming slips. They were as important to Zenyatta's success as Hootie, Mario or the rest of the team and should be lazing around somewhere out in a big green pasture enjoying retirement.
  • I am going to get up on my soap box here, which I rarely do so I hope people will forgive me.

    Honestly this situation just makes me sick to my stomach. Here is a horse who was used as a punching bag (metaphorically speaking) for Zenyatta for years. He was sent out in the mornings and conditioned that no matter how hard he ran, he was going to get run down and 'beat' by the big mare.

    He ran his best for the sole purpose of being beaten and conditioning Zenyatta to run down her opponents in those last strides. He was a training tool for Zenyatta for years.

    Now, she's retired to a comfortable farm, grazing on grass and enjoying the high life and this horse is running in a $4,000 claiming race.

    Hard facts state that Sarbonne is what would be considered high risk for ending up on a trailer to Canada or Mexico. He's now in the absolute bottom of the racing ranks, after he contributed so much to the Queen's training.

    He should be lazing in a paddock full of grass, being loved and told what a good job he did for Zenyatta, not at risk like this.
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  • $4,000 claimer of non winner of 2 races is pretty low.
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  • It is the race Sarbonne is entered in today.
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  • So sad!
  • I think if a lot of us had the money, we would claim and save Sarbonne, but the truth of the matter is we don't and that eats away at our respect for persons who do have the money and could save him, why don't they?
  • Good question.
    Why don't they? stories like this wear everyone down, and are a constant reminder that a lot of times, life is neither fair nor kind. I wish there was something we could do, I know we'd all do it in a second.
  • $4,000 claiming race? If I had the money, I would claim this horse in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, horses that are entered in such lower level claiming races don't end up in very good places (you can probably guess where that could go from there). I wish ponying/excercise horses would get more regards from the trainers and owners. And I am not trying to take a dig on the Mosses or John Sherriffs, but there is really no reason why Sarbonne and El Vito have to keep racing. I guess all what we can do is basically just hope for the best with these two...
  • Sarbonne was reclaimed (note RE-claimed) in his two races ago (not very last-I wrote this wrong above)His current owners reclaimed him in a 2,500 claims. They upped him to 4,000 claims (I think in a effort to hold onto him). In his last race he was not claimed. His current owners have commented on his facebook page. They are very proud of him. She said he is a beautiful, very sweet horse, and he is a "trier." She is also thrilled about his connections to Zenyatta and spoke so highly of her with excitement in her tone, like she was just a average fan like us. If you had gone to his facebook page and read you would also know that he has fans who visit at least once a week, bring him mints and carrots, take lots of pictures and have a very good idea what great care he is receiving. He was not dumped or dropped down to unload he was sent to where he would have a chance to win and got claimed. Tonight he was not claimed. He did come flying down to get second and the TVG announcer said he should have won. In 2012, he has raced 8 times. Hitting the board 6 of those times. 1 win, 4 place, 1 show. He is coming along nicely and improving with each race. Also, Sarbonne is a full horse, not gelding. He is only five. He has fans and they know it. He is not in any danger of being slaughtered. Also, it is well documented that Jerry and Ann Moss, buy back any of their horses that fall into bad hands. They contribute huge sums of money to places like Old Friends and other rescue groups. So while I agree with some of the sentiment, it is misplaced when it appears to be directed towards them.
    As for El Vino, the dumplings that were there the day he was claimed report that the barn was "devastated."....He won several before he was claimed. You run a horse where they might have a chance, and that is in the claims, unfortunately.
    I greatly respect the passion and emotions and I am not disagreeing that if, they were mine they would be retired.
    I posted about his FB page thinking people might enjoy seeing what he looks like now, and the updates on his life. I intended this to be a positive show support, respect and the world that Zenyatta fans appreciate what he did for her. Also, for those interested to know he raced tonight so they could watch and cheer him on.
    I do appreciate your concern and very much understand how emotional this can be.
  • You are right, the Mosses and many more people would not let this horse go away without a fight, we all tend to get emotional when we can't personally do anything, even though we want to. God it's sad that they keep having to prove themselves when they've proven themselves to us on a daily basis, as kind, cool and collected, ponying are Superstars to the track.
  • So long as someone is watching out for Sarbonne and El Vino that is all well and good.

    But the practice as a whole, the training practice of using a horse in the way these two horses were used for Zenyatta is what I find disquieting. Then to hear that a horse who served such an important purpose in the morning, is being run in low sum claim races just sets up warning flags.

    Because any other scenario, if people were not watching closely, these are the sorts of horses who drop through the cracks and end up on the trailers, whisked away in the night.
  • Okay, I know I'll get backlash and nasty comments back, but WHY don't the Mosses buy Sarbonne, they have the means and the facilities to keep this horse, they have lots of horses who would benefit from this horse being around them. Well I guess they're human because they haven't done anything to insure Sarbonne has a good life or a safe future. I don't have the means of the facilities but I'd like to see Sarbonne safe and sound.
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    in all of this....remember what these animals are bred to do and what they love to Lava Man....tried to retire him to the farm...he was very lives and works at the track....or 10yr keeps running and winning his share...he also was offered retirement and refused
  • Just a reminder that the Moss's do not have horse facilities...they don't own a farm. Their horses are all residing someplace (Giacomo at a ranch in CA, Zenny at LE, etc). I assume they pay boarding fees or have some sort of deal going in the case of a stud, and then the training fees would probably include boarding. I don't think they'd be all excited about just adopting a horse for fun or sentimental reasons that they have to pay extra for maintenance care. I know they have plenty of bills for the horses they're already committed to :))))
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    The Mosses also support rescue and re-training operations....
  •'re right; I know they support retirement farms, adoption orgs, and rescue efforts. Lots of the Zenny fans do (me too!) I was more or less responding to the suggestion that the Moss's buy Sorbonne and retire him someplace.
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    @Ashton- you, my dear, are so caring, thoughtful and just like your mom.
  • Well, I guess in a way that is what I was saying, just because the Mosses don't own horse property themselves, they do support retirement farms, adoption orgs and rescue efforts, so why can't they rescue or save Sarbonne? Why don't they step in to save this gallant horse? Hey, I am a major fan of the Mosses, but why don't they step in so Sarbonne, doesn't keep having to prove her general worth, as a Zenyatta fan she's already proven her worth to me.
  • Sarbonne finished second in the emerald downs race.(thank you horse race now app!)
  • Dear lord save sarbonne in the near future!.
  • Sarbonne is enjoying his retirement at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary. He learned how to play with a ball

    and he likes to race around with his buddies
  • Warms my heart. TY rachel.
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