Could you add....



  • Great. That will help a lot.
  • Thank you for answering that @kylea, I was wondering too. Also, how come when you click on threads it no longer takes you to the newest posts that you haven't seen? Is it the size of the videos and tweets, or it that no longer a feature? TIA!
  • kyleakylea Administrator
    Hi @sarinne that is still a feature, and it's working for me. It's strange that it's not working for you. Are you on a phone, tablet or computer? What browser are you using?
  • It works occasionally on my phone, but never on my laptop, and I use Chrome.
  • I'm having the same issue as well as the bug that freezes the page AND the computer so I have to just completely shut down or submit the form that appears. It happens ONLY on the forum and only when I'm using IE.
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