He's Had Enough

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Maybe the next I'll Have Another owned by the same connections and won first race.Del Mar race 4 8/12/2012.


  • and hes a son of Tapit!
  • They're doing pretty good with o' Neil serving his sentence. I like Know More too. Anyone got Horse Races NOW app on their iPhone? It's a god send. I can look up any horse and it will show me the work outs and races plus future races for that horse
  • Let's hope he doesn't hurt himself like IHA did.
  • Yeah I just got the horseracesnow app. It is really cool!
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    I have Saratoga and del mar as my favorite tracks and a few horses I'm keeping an eye on as well. I love that u can do that
  • I have been going under the results button and watching races, my favorite so far has been Ajax Downs, they are mainly sprints, but the names are so funny.
  • Hmm I'll have to have a look see
  • So far there has been a horse called mr cougarlicious, kissmysoutherndash, and Holland Nas
  • i saw some funny names lol Aquafina xD
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    Keep an eye out for My Happy Face. Won by 21 lengths at Saratoga. I say the horse should go a mile at least. The race was a sprint. Horse seemed to want to go further, did not look tired at all. Came out of the gate already 3 lengths in front.
  • Right now, Know More is my favorite 2 year old. And, He's Had Enough is up there too. I can't wait to see Know More run in the Del Mar Futurity next wednesday. I get that it's too early in the year to tell, but I think O'Neill and Reddam might just have another if either Know More or He's Had Enough prove to be excellent colts in their three year old years.
  • Funny what a few month time does, Reddam had some nasty things said about him when he sold IHA to Japan( which I thought was good) Top rated stallion as apposed to a 2nd or 3rd rate stallion in the US. The man owns racehorses, he's not a breeder, nor does he own a stud farm. I will enjoy seeing what his new horses evolve into. Pray they have better legs than IHA.
  • The problem with sending him to Japan was that horses we send over there don't have a very good track record( excuse the pun)think Ferdinand and a few others. When it came to be retired from breeding they were sold for meat.
  • Also Reddam wasn't the person to blame the people to blame we're the breeders who did not want him based on pedigree not performance. Who cares about pedigree if the horse shows that he can perform, at the highest level of competition.
  • ^^^ thats the reason why these horses drop like flys anymore. Reddam wants some of iha's foals and he has a buy back clause
  • The problem with sending him to Japan was that horses we send over there don't have a very good track record( excuse the pun)think Ferdinand and a few others. When it came to be retired from breeding they were sold for meat.
    With the exception of Ferdinand, I can't think of any stallion in Japan who was "sold for meat" at retirement. Forty Niner was pensioned, and is living the life, Black Tie Affair returned to the US and was euthanized a few years ago at Old Friends. Sunday Silence was being treated for laminitis.

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    good old sunday silence. who knows maybe IHA will be bred with sunday silence girls and grand girls. Half of Big Red Farm's stallions are sunday silence boys
  • my happy face only got a speed rating of 85?!
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  • Yea but it surprised me they didn't put a bigger rating on her cuz normally first time starters that run like that they're all over it
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  • Okay, last time I'll bring this up, even though I know a certain blogger will go for my head. I had a lot of conversations with Ferdinads owner, okay I didn't but some of my friends who speak Japanese did, I also have the 2, almost 3 boxes in Japenese that these same friends translated. Believe it or not Ferdinands owner tried to find him a home in the US, at the time the Stallion barns and Sanctuaries were not interested, no he didn't contact Everyone in the US, that someone else mentioned, but did contact almost 30 farms etc that he thought might help him. Americans would probably have been less critical if he had the Ferdinand distroyed and kept his ashes. He didn't, so be it, life goes on.
  • Ferdinand was an EXTRAORDINARILY rare case..... People forget all the other stallions we've sold to Japan, and none of them have been sold for slaughter.
  • RR12 Ferdinands owner made a mistake, haven't we all at one time or another. Hey were only human, What is it the the US concindgengy, why do we know best, the paperwork I was sent was very compelling, not just that he had no recourse, but what Americans don't realize he had to reimburse 87 mares that F could not cover, that is a lot of money either in yen or dollars.
  • It's unfortunate about Ferdinand. He was a lovely horse, who surely deserved better. But time marches on, and since everyone has raised such a furor, I don't think its likely that it will ever happen again. But there are things we all can do to prevent animal cruelty right here in the states, and not just horses. Get involved with local rescue places, and the ASPCA. That way Ferdinand's life will have meant something. Donate money and time, and there are lots of horse rescue establishments we can support too.
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