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  • Oh, WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing these videos, Karen. How wonderful to be able to see such beautiful scenes. Not only is Zenyatta so well loved by so many, her people are loved by us also. I cannot think of any better connections for a horse to have up to and including such a great videographer!!! Thank you for being there when so many of us who love these beauties are so far away. Wow.
  • 5,000 win video - Mike Smith

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    5,000 win video - Mike Smith

    GREAT VIDEO!!!! Karen!!!! love how you got the paddock. I had to choose between getting shots of the race from my "spot" or getting the paddock scene.
  • LOL! You have to be quick to get out front! And sometimes these legs on my overloaded dumpling body don't wanna go-no-moe! But thankfully, in my line of work, you learn to be fast and get there quick-like and get the job done! Although it may be crowded and you take body shots and elbows, and sometimes the position for video isn't the greatest, it is worth it! I don't like missing something happenin' at the track!
  • Casey, I loved all the photos you took - YOU ARE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER! Thank you for posting them! Maybe you can put up the link again for those who didn't see them? Please .....
  • Thanks, Karen. Great photos, wonderful cause. As a two-time cancer survivor I say thanks to all who marched. My first time (in 1983), I was treated (radiation) at the City of Hope, a great medical center and only a few freeway exits away from Santa Anita. Whenever I used to go back for checkups, I had a good feeling about that geographical region. I was cancer free for 12 years when it recurred and by then I was a member of Kaiser (a good non-profit HMO) and did the chemo there. That was in 95-96. Since then, knock on wood, so far so good. I send encouragement to all those out there facing this disease. This too will pass.
  • What great videos, Karen!! Thank you for being there to capture such historic and beautiful scenes. For Mike Smith's 5000, I'll bet that felt fantastic to put that one in the books! Wow!! He is such an accomplished rider for whom I will always have such admiration and respect. Thanks! That is a wonderful turn-out for the On Track to Beat Cancer event also - beautiful that so many people participated for such a worthy cause. To VA_in_CA - congratulations on beating your cancers!! Woohoo!! Keep it up!!
  • Thank you Karen for the videos! I am looking forward to watching Eblouissante run! When she is being led around, she sometimes stops and stares for a minute or so...that reminds me of Zenyatta & her inquisitive nature. I am so thankful everyone here is able to stay connected & up to date on all the horses. I really enjoyed your behind the scenes video footage & look forward to more!
  • VA_in_CA

    I will be walking with you in my heart this coming Sunday at Santa Anita. There should be a large group of us Z Dumplings walking in the name of Zenny, and for others we know, or have lost, to this dreadful disease. My prayers that you continue to have the Lord's blessing in your fight to stay cancer free.

  • Thanks Karen. I wish I could be there with the Z Dumplings, but financially I have to pinch my pennies now, so can't afford to drive that many miles with the price of gas so high. You must live in So Cal. Whereabouts?
  • I live in Long Beach - about half an hour drive to Santa Anita. I, too, pinch pennies, but always have 'just enough' to make it to enjoy the Sport of Kings. LOL! I certainly can understand for those who drive more than half hour to the track - I would not be able to do that either.
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    Hey Karen- I'll be there Sunday as well, in memory of my friend, (and barn manager of the stable where I had my horses) who lost her fight one year ago.
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    Casey, I loved all the photos you took - YOU ARE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER! Thank you for posting them! Maybe you can put up the link again for those who didn't see them? Please .....
    Blushing- thanks Karen, but believe me, those are lucky shots! I don't bet-I'm too tightfisted! so I shoot photos of some of the most beautiful creatures in the world!
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    Since Karen asked, and in case anyone didn't get to see Mike's 5000th win, here's a few shots from his ride on 'zombie.
  • Zenny, here is my video from the Santa Anita Derby – winner, I’ll Have Another, in a photo over Creative Cause. Wouldn’t you know it girl? The conversation turns to you! YOU, girl, overshadowed the Kentucky Derby contenders! The conversation always turns to you at the race track – Lisa B., myself, and a very nice gentleman, discuss YOUR last race, BCC 2010. Enjoy a look at two Kentucky Derby candiates from California.


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    I'll Have Another workout at Santa Anita before Kentucky Derby
  • Karen, I was down at Clocker's Corner to watch this :-) Now I know where you were!
  • Video of I'll Have Another at barn Hollywood Park.
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    Great video....thanks for sharing
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    KarenGogue. I enjoyed watching your video. Great to see IHA and Lava Man. IHA is a wonderful color of chestnut. Dougie seems to be a hit with him. Thank you for sharing this.
  • Thank you Karen. Enjoyed the video very much.
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