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    Eblouissante and friends .... All my special Z dumplings - friends like no other, for all your well wishes and LOVE! More to come ....
  • Wow! What a fabulous treat!! Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic video with us. It is so neat that you are able to visit BHP and have some up close and personal time with these horses I can only admire from the distance. Your generosity in sharing them with us is beautiful and I thank you!!! Wow!! Plus...I'm so glad you are feeling better, too!!
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    Karen Glad that you are feeling better.

    Thank you for this video. It is great. I especially love the shots of Eblou. Her ears are so like Z.
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    Welcome back! You were missed.
    Great walk through BHP backside & meet-and-greet with some favs, Ebby, Switch, Zazu,
    Lady of Shamrock and all the others.
    Thank you for sharing this fun experience
    And, a big hug,
  • Karen, Glad to have you back where you belong. ;) How all is well.
    Thanks so much for the enjoyable video. Ebby & friends are all

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    Glad you are doing better, Karen.
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    Karen. Another great video. I especially liked the part on Lava Man. Hope you are feeling well.
  • Karen, Are you in any of the pictures? Those of us out here in Zenyattaland who can't make it to the racetracks envy you and the other Dumplings herein. We want to know what you all look like. Well, I speak for myself, anyhow.
  • LOVE the video..Good to see I'll Have Another, relaxing before he left. LOVED Lava Man!
  • Karen how are you? Hope you are doing well. Take care and keep in touch
  • My video of the Zenyatta statue unveiling - enjoy!

  • Karen, thank you! Zenyatta looks amazing in bronze!
  • How awesome! Thanks for sharing your video of that special occasion. :)
  • KAREN! Welcome back. I missed you, my friend, and just loved watching these videos! Hugs and much, much love ---
  • Hi Karen, Thanks for the great statue unveiling video. Interesting seeing the forming of the base also!
    LOL, Arlene from Vermont
  • My video of Ebby a few weeks ago.
  • She's so shiny, it looks as though she's been polished with paste wax and buffed with a chamois. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  • Beautiful!! Thank you, Karen!! I just love the video and like VA_in_CA says - she looks so shiny - like polished marble or granite. Awesome. Interesting that she was being hand grazed without the use of the chain shank over her nose like so many of them you see. Maybe she is not as skitterish as many?? Any way...thanks again.
  • Hi Karen, thanks so much for posting the video of Zenny's statue unveiling. I was out of town when it was unveiled and even though you can find snippets of it, there's nothing like viewing it through the eyes of someone you know who loves Zenny as much as you do. I confess, I got goose bumps and a bit teary-eyed. I miss her so much, but am forever grateful she is healthy and happy. Can't wait to go see at SA. I'll wear my Dumpling badge with pride!
    Margie -
  • Lava Man

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    Lights, Camera, Action! IHA backside

  • KarenGogue, Thank you so much. He is beautiful!
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