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  • I saw the rerun of NBC broadcast of the 1992 Breeders Cup Classic last night on HRTV; AP Indy won. How spectacular he was as a racer! Such a grand representative of his stellar pedigree and best yet...he's passing it along. Our little 'WeeZee' has much to live up to considering his wonderful family.
  • "WeeZee," I love it. But it's not going to fit much longer.
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    Rachel Alexandra photos by Barbara Livingston
    Must see photos of Rachel Alexandra, Taco & paddock mates.
    Absolutely beautiful.
    Great way to start the day!
  • Beautiful photos of Rachel and Taco. Thanks for posting them. I liked your mid summer night one too.
  • OMG...the Livingston pics of RA and Taco and friends are just wonderful. Thanks to all for sharing with us!
  • Chili sure has a butt on him. That is quite an engine.
  • There was a blurb on facebook that Taco is now a weanling, but I could not find the information on Stonestreet's web-site. Anyone know where else to look? I haven't been on twitter so maybe they posted it there, too. He is six months old, though.
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    On Twitter, there was an exchange of tweets between Stonestreet Farm & a fan about the weaning.
    July 13th Yes, the colts were weaned last week and everyone handled it with class and composure! We have weanlings on our hands now!

    July 14th & 15rh are they all doing ok or do they miss their moms? Xoxo
    Reply on July 15th: They were champs about it Jamie and now they have other weanlings to run about with so they are focused on that.

    That's fantastic and Rachel and HDC?
    Rachel wouldn't care if the sky was falling as long as she had Dixie by her side :)
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    Ray Paulick‏ tweeted update on Holy Candy
    John Sadler on Holy Candy, eased as fav in Oceanside div2 yesterday.
    “The good news is he’s going to be fine. He’ll be given some time off”
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    Can't help thinking Taco looks like his grand dam.

    RIP Sherriffs Deputy
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    Teresa Genaro‏@BklynBckstretch tweeted a Retweet from Daily Racing Form
    RT @DRFGrening: Belmont winner Union Rags has been retired,
    according to the Philadelphia Daily News
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    Hootie Passed Away--From Facebook
    Thank you to everyone for your good wishes and kind thoughts for Hootie.
    It is with a heavy heart that we announce his peaceful passing.
    Hootie led a happy and exciting life as a track pony, with his most famous racehorse partner being the great Zenyatta. When Zenyatta retired, Hootie’s owner, Freddy Wilson, decided to let Hootie retire, too.
    Freddy told us he knew Hootie would still like a little job, just not a hard job, after his many years of being a track pony. So Freddy decided that donating Hootie to TROTT would give Hootie the kind of retirement he would love.
    Thus Hootie became TROTT’s beloved spokeshorse. Hootie certainly loved his life with TROTT. While he was still able, he gave trail rides around Stonepine, as he taught the young racehorses how to be safe trail horses. Hootie was a patient teacher and loved every minute of his retirement job.
    Our volunteers adored him and gave him lots of spa treatments and horsey treats. Hootie loved all of his visitors, and made them all feel special.
  • RIP Hootie, what a great horse!
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    Stonestreet Farm on FB
    Barbara Banke will lead fans in a Kendall Jackson Chardonnay toast to celebrate Taco's official name after it is ANNOUNCED THIS FRIDAY following the Curlin Stakes at Saratoga!
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    Fields of Dreams: At fabled Claiborne Farm, yearling training is kindergarten for horses
    By Janet Patton —Lexington Herald-Leader Published: July 28, 2012
    PARIS — If any Thoroughbred farm in Kentucky can be said to have the golden touch, it would be Claiborne Farm.
    During its 102 years of operation, the Hancock family farm on the outskirts of Paris has dominated breeding and racing like none other.
    The names on the brass plaques on the varnished door of "The Big Stall" say it all: Bold Ruler, Secretariat, Easy Goer, Unbridled, and now Eddington.
    The beginning
    Behind the scenes, the real work goes on. To fans, July is tourist season. For yearlings, it's boot camp, albeit a kind of preschool boot camp. This year, Claiborne Farm will send about 50 yearlings to the sales, and these 50 are expected to represent the gold (or Claiborne orange, as it's historically called) silks with distinction.
    But for youngsters who have known little but blue sky, green pasture and daily baths to suddenly be asked to perform such arduous tasks as walk in a circle or — horrors! — stand still seems akin to asking a teenager to fold laundry.
    But they get it. Gradually. The first week, it's like any other kindergarten class — minds on anything but what they are supposed to be doing. Within a week, they can walk, stand and be reasonably still.
    But it all starts with baby steps.
    The training
    As the sun rises over pastures of mares and weanling foals, yearling manager Eric Tubbs is thinking of them as "future yearlings."
    Once the weanlings are old enough, sometime this fall, they will strike out on their own, so to speak, with the female yearlings going in one direction and the males in another. Those destined for sales rings eventually get their own paddocks.
    "The boys tend to get frisky, scuffle a little," Tubbs said.
    When one is thinking of spending six figures or more on a horse, one expects perfection — no scratches, no scuffs, no sunburn even.
    Sales yearlings come in during the day to preserve their beautiful coats. They go out at night to play.
    On July 5, training begins in earnest. The first set of yearlings is introduced to the EquiGym, a kind of carousel without music. They load one at a time into a section and then start walking. An easy three minutes each way at first, eventually building up to eight minutes each way.
    "We'll get them up to 7 or 8 miles an hour," Tubbs said.
    All that walking helps build muscle, rock-hard legs and the definition that would-be buyers are looking for.
    The yearlings also have a miniature "sales area" like those outside the barns where buyers will come, much-marked catalogs in hand, to get a first-hand look at the merchandise in a couple of months at Keeneland, Saratoga or Fasig-Tipton's Newtown Paddocks.
    The yearlings practice walking, posing — including that critical conformation pose — and standing still. But don't get too docile: you still want them to know you're something a little special up here on four legs.
    By they time the September sales roll around, Claiborne's 50 yearlings will be able to do this like the blue-blooded chorus line they are. Their hooves have been trimmed and buffed just so, to straighten a leg just a touch or show an ankle to slightly better advantage. (The secrets a good farrier/blacksmith keeps would make a Hollywood hairdresser seem chatty.)
    For the workers at Claiborne, who over the course of several generations have seen this cycle for more than 100 years, it never gets old.
    In fact, it's what keeps them young.
    "The best part about it is when you see them cross the finish line ... and they were raised here," Tubbs said. "And you had your hands all over them."

    Read more here:
  • Great post Keta! Fascinating stuff. I'm a novice with horses, but some of this reminds me of raising labs!
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    Interesting that you said that.
    I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Her name is Emma.
    As a puppy about 4 months old, we went to Puppy Kindergarten.
    That was followed by Canine Good Citizen
    Then she went on to Therapy Dog training & was certified.
    So, when I was reading in the Blog the article that Sign posted about 8 things a horse needs to learn, I though how similar they were to what a dog needs to learn.
    And, I too see parallels in this article.
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    Monarchos 'up and stable' after colic surgery
    By Glenye Cain Oakford Daily Racing Form 08/02/2012 12:02 PM
    LEXINGTON, Ky. – Monarchos, the 2001 Kentucky Derby winner, is “up and stable” after undergoing colic surgery Tuesday night at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington.
    The surgery, first reported by Paulick Report, is the 14-year-old stallion’s second colic surgery in 16 months. In April 2011, he underwent surgery to correct a twisted bowel and recovered to return to the breeding shed at Nuckols Farm in Midway, Ky.
    Nuckols Farm employee Chestene McDaniel said Thursday morning that Hagyard had transferred Monarchos from its surgical facility to its medicine facility and that the horse was on his feet and doing well.

    Monarchos won the Kentucky Derby for owner John Oxley and trainer John Ward in the race’s second-fastest time of 1:59.97. He also won the Florida Derby, finished second in the Wood Memorial, and ran third in the Belmont Stakes that year. He is the sire of 2009 champion female sprinter Informed Decision and Grade 2 winner Win Willy. His runners have earned more than $14.5 million.

    Jim Squires bred Monarchos from the Dixieland Band winner Regal Band.
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    Team Jumping Medals
    HRTV‏ tweet
    Jumping Team Finals Equestrian Olympics
    Gold: Team Great Britain
    Silver: Team Netherlands
    Bronze: Team Saudi Arabia
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    Horse racing: Chantal Sutherland in suspension fray
    Geoffrey Riddle The National Aug 11, 2012
    Ascot, England// Chantal Sutherland was among several high-profile jockeys who fell foul of the Ascot stewards at Saturday's Shergar Cup jockeys competition.
    Sutherland received a four-day suspension for using her whip above the permitted level, which appeared to rule her out of her ride on Game On Dude in the Pacific Classic at Del Mar later this month.
    Game On Dude, who ran in the Dubai World Cup in March, is entered in the US$1 million (Dh3.6m) contest on August 26, but as it is a Grade 1 contest the ban does not apply.
    Cristian Demuro, the Italian rider, was also handed a four-day ban, as did Yutake Take, the Japanese jockey, which Kieren Fallon, the captain of the Great Britain and Ireland team, found distasteful.
    "It's sad really. All Chantal was doing was giving a couple of little taps," the Irish rider said. "Both riders tap the horses to encourage them. It is not as if they are hurting the horses. It should have been overlooked for today. They are foreign riders who are not used to our style.
  • Thought I'd post some pictures of our visit to the LA Zoo and "riding Zenyatta" on the carousel! Madison had a great time and also rode Giacomo!
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    Jane W
    Such cute pictures! Madison looks very happy
    Thanks for sharing them
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    From The Blood-Horse
    Monarchos , the 2001 Kentucky Derby (gr. I) winner, returned home Saturday, Aug. 11, to Nuckols Farm near Midway, Ky. He had undergone colic surgery at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute near Lexington the evening of July 31.

    Charles Nuckols III said the 14-year old stallion is “on a strict diet and we are carefully measuring his water intake. We built a pen around the back door of his stall and mowed the grass very low. This way he can enjoy the outdoors but not overdo it.”

    Monarchos (Maria's Mon—Regal Band, by Dixieland Band) has sired 15 stakes winners, including champion Informed Decision.
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    Happy 6th Birthday, Black Caviar!
    There were lots of Aussie tweets. Here is one.891Weekends tweet
    Happy 6th Birthday to @blackcaviar2006 who was foaled on this day in 2006 #adelaide #891
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