TVG and Santa Anita

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Does anybody know why TVG isn't broadcasting Santa Anita races? I would like to see Zenyatta's Mikie win his 5000th if he hasn't already. My last information was that he had 5 to go. If TVG isn't televising Santa Anita, who is? Any input appreciated.


  • HRTV broadcasts Santa Anita.
  • I'am aware HRTV broadcasts Santa Anita and I don't know why TVG does not.
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    It's a contract thing. HRTV broadcast SA during the Winter/Spring meet and then the I guess it's Summer/Fall meet TVG airs it. I think that is how it works anyway.
  • Mamaw~ I have TVG too and they do not show Santa Anita races for whatever reason. You can watch livestreaming races at:
    Hope this helps.
  • kimberlypotter, I watch all the races from Santa Anita that TVG doesn't cover at too.
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    HRTV is owned by Stronach Group (who owned Santa Anita) and Churchill Downs Incorporated. TVG used to cover the fall meet when it was Oaktree racing. Now Santa Anita has the fall meet and it will be covered by HRTV.
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    Thanks people-this is fun-I have never done this kind of thing before but I love Zenyatta and her connections.
  • is probably the easiest way to catch any races in California. For just a little more trouble, though, and it's free, you can sign up at TwinSpiresTV for a great viewing experience. You do have to register for an account, but, there is no charge, although they may ask for a credit card. You aren't required to bet. I personally like TwinSpires and HRTV on the internet better than watching on TV. And, at TwinSpires, you can watch races in the UK, Australia, Japan as well as the tracks at the U.S.
  • If you have DirectTV in SoCal, you can watch Santa Anita on the weekends on Channel 31. It's the HRTV broadcast, but on an LA station. Otherwise, DirectTV does not have HRTV, which is frustrating. :-)
  • Hi Anita, Thanks for that info! I have Directv and didn't know that!
  • yes thank you Anita I as well have direct TV and have been very frustrated that TVG doesn't show SA.
  • YIKES on my direct TV channel 31 is spanish
  • If you go to there will be a red box to sign up and right below that there is a link that states request HRTV for direct tv. Click on that link write a note and send maybe if enough of us direct tv people do this they will put it on their line up of stations. Channel 31 didn't work for me I don't speak spanish :( hugs Leslie
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