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I'm reading a new book by Joel Katte called "Kentucky Derby IQ: The Ultimate Test of True Fandom (Trivia & History). The book is absolutely free on's Kindle. There is a free download of a pc version of the Kindle too for Windows 7. There are several questions about our Queen too which I'm sure everyone on this board will know the answers.

So, I thought a nice way to learn from each other is through trivia we can share. I don't think the following bit of trivia is in the book:

What horse did something that no horse had ever done before and no horse can ever do again. The only hint I'll give is that (unfortunately) the horse is male. This horse is and will be the only horse ever to have done this.


  • Secretariat winning the Belmont?
  • The WAY secretariat won the belmont?
  • She said No horse could ever do again. So it's inconceivable that a horse could win the belmont by that big margin, it's possible. so i disagree
  • T.T not alot of hints still kinda vague
  • Winning an eclipse award after death?
  • Never mind, I guess that's possible again, too. I was thinking Seattle Slew winning Moment of the year when he died!
  • And the book mentioned is 2.99 on kindle is only free if you have an amazon prime membership
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    And the book mentioned is 2.99 on kindle is only free if you have an amazon prime membership
    I checked it to.....been going thru it.....think I found a mistake but will double check
  • I don't have an Amazon prime membership but I am registered. Joel Katte advertised that the book is free. When I clicked on "buy now", the cost came up zero.

    Hint to the trivia - it happened in the 1980s and the horse was very much alive.
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    I got charged the 2.99.....but I double checked ....and definitely a mistake in one of the questions....good for next trivial?
  • well, landaluce won an eclipse after death in 82 but she was a she and that can obviously happen clue on the triv question
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  • she said it couldn't happen again, I guess what you said could happen again
  • im dying to know what the answer is lol
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    Another hint: the year was 1984

    Would love if others would post trivia questions too.
  • Here's a video of the 1984 Derby:

    My guess: We'll never have to listen to the track announcer, Mike Battaglia, call another derby. Thank goodness!
  • LOL
  • Here's a trivia question: Zenyatta got scratched out of a race ONE time. Which race was it and why was she scratched?
  • Louisville distaff at churchill, track came up sloppy
  • Very good rachel, I say the person who gets the answer right gets to make up the next trivia question . . .
  • We still dont know the answer to the first question
  • Right, but do you have the time to sit around and wait?
  • No -.-'

    This discussion needs more participants....
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    I have read book...still don't know....except question 245 is wrong
  • Another hint: the year was 1984. The horse's sire came very close to doing it a few years prior. He would have been the 1st and there would now be 2 horses that did it. But only the son did it and he will remain the only one who ever did it. Big hint: maybe you have to be from the east coast to remember it.
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