• isnt that crazy? so unexpected
  • who cares?
  • I would care if it were ME who could afford to retire. I, like John Henry or the Engerizer Bunny, just have to keep on plugging away.......
  • A Salute to Chantal Sutherland & her Accomplishments!!
    She won 931 races from 7,350 career mounts and had purse earnings of more than $47 million, according to Equibase
    From ESPN
    In 2001, she captured 44 wins and 145 in-the-money finishes. Her stellar year was rewarded with a Sovereign Award as Canada’s top apprentice rider.
    In 2002, Sutherland stamped herself as a genuine talent, notching 124 wins in 724 mounts. She ranked third overall in the colony and won her first-ever stakes race aboard Biddy’s Lad in the Bull Page Stakes. She capped off her campaign with a second straight Sovereign as the country’s top apprentice.
    She rode in New York and Florida in 2005 for several high-profile trainers, including Hall of Famer Allen Jerkens and Eclipse Award-winning trainer Todd Pletcher but returned to the Toronto oval in 2007 winning 69 races, ranking seventh.
    In 2008, Sutherland, featured prominently in the reality series “Jockeys,” and won 89 races at Woodbine to rank seventh. She also partnered that year’s Canadian champion juvenile Mine That Bird to three added-money scores — the Grade 3 Grey, Silver Deputy and Swynford. Mine That Bird went on to score a famous upset in the 2009 Kentucky Derby.
    In 2009, Sutherland was a Sovereign Award finalist as Canada’s top rider after finishing second at Woodbine, with a career-best 139 wins and 12 local stakes wins, along with more than $7.5 miliion in purse earnings.
    In 2010, Sutherland was once again a dominant force at Woodbine, winning a career-best and colony-leading 18 stakes, recording 136 victories, to finish third in the standings. She posted approximately $8 million in purse earnings, also a career-high number and was a Sovereign Award finalist as Canada’s top rider.
    Game On Dude took Sutherland to new heights in 2011 with Grade 1 wins in the Santa Anita Handicap and Goodwood, as well as a second-place run in the Breeders’ Cup Classic.
    In 2012, she continued her winning ways with Game On Dude taking the Grade 2 San Antonio at Santa Anita, as well as the Grade 2 Californian and Grade 1 Hollywood Gold Cup at Hollywood Park. Fittingly, Sutherland’s final stakes score came on July 29 at Woodbine in the Wonder Where Stakes aboard Awesome Fire — a Canadian-bred filly owned by her brother, Hugh Sutherland.
  • Jockey Chantal Sutherland announced on Sunday her retirement from riding professionally to pursue other career opportunities. The popular jockey, perhaps best
    known as the former regular rider of multiple Grade 1 winner Game On Dude, released the following statement on her website while she was riding at Woodbine on Sunday for the final time:

    Special Announcement from Chantal Sutherland
    The moment has come where I have decided to announce my retirement from being a professional jockey; I almost can’t believe it myself. I’m not sad, but rather looking at another opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life. Looking ahead, I’m excited about new challenges and new opportunities that life has in store for me.

    Horse racing has been my life for the past 14 years. I’ve reached many of the goals that I set for myself. I’ve lived out many of the dreams I had as a little girl, back when I was riding my pony, mucking stalls, feeding cows, aspiring to finally become a professional jockey and racing in stakes races on a worldwide stage. I’m so very blessed and grateful of the life that I have lived and career that I’ve had.

    This past year or so has been so amazing it’s actually overwhelming having to put it to words. I crossed paths with a horse that happened to change my life. That horse is named Game On Dude and what a horse! He’s a soldier. Together we travelled the world. We won the Santa Anita Big Cap, Goodwood, almost won the Breeder’s Cup Classic; we won the San Antonio, Hollywood Gold Cup, and the Californian. We travelled to Dubai and raced in the world’s richest race, the Dubai Duty Free World Cup. As if that wasn’t enough, I was asked to be the poster girl for Santa Anita and Del Mar racetracks, and had my picture on billboards and magazine covers. I can’t even describe how flattering that is. Another honor for me was being asked to represent Canada and the USA in a worldwide jockey challenge in England, titled The Shergar Cup. To top it all off, I was also able to win on my brother’s horse “Awesome Fire” in the Whonder Where stakes. In an ironic twist of fate, my dad, who started me off in this crazy love affair with horses, is also the proud owner of the last racehorse I will ride.

    In the last year I also met and married the man of my dreams. It’s been a whirlwind. I’ve never really had weekends or holidays off, I’ve always spent so much time racing or focused and preparing for racing. Racing takes so much determination, guts, and sacrifice to be on top. I once craved, lived, and breathed racing. I can honestly say now, I’m ready to slow down and enjoy my life. Maybe I’ll cut loose and have a cheeseburger or some pizza. Those types of indulgencies are not allowed, when you constantly have to monitor your weight. Racing is so much hard work and takes so much mental toughness; I can honestly say that I’ve had enough.

    I will forever miss my fans. They were always giving me encouragement and making me feel special and successful. I’ve made so many memories and good friends along the way that I can’t even begin to describe. I want to give a special thanks to my agents, valets, and everyone else in this industry that has stood by me.

    So now, with the support of my husband, family, and friends I am ending one chapter in my life and starting a new one. I’m excited about my future and the challenges it will bring. I enjoy working hard and striving to achieve goals, so who knows; maybe you will see me pop up somewhere soon.
    Sutherland, 36, has amassed more than 930 victories and has banked earnings of $47,285,391 from a career began in 2000. Born Feb. 23, 1976 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sutherland started her career at Woodbine. Her visibility on the national scene went to a new level after she rode in Southern California in 2007. Since then, she has marketed herself as one of the sport's top female riders and has promoted horse racing through appearances in Vanity Fair, on the Conan O'Brien show, as the face of a Del Mar advertising campaign, and as a star on the Animal Planet docu-drama Jockeys.
  • Dear Scenthound, you and me both, kid. I'm 74 and still plugging away. I retired back in 2007, but went back to work a couple of years ago. Acutally, I like working, and if a person can, I think a person should. Granted, there are some days I'd rather stay home, but work keeps me going and my gas tank filled.
  • As far as Ms. Sutherland is concerned, I wish her well in her new endeavors.
  • would be rather boring to sit at home and wittle your days away, in my eyes atleast. you get used to working and being out there after a while. if i were your age i think i would want to be working still, doing something atleast. as long as my body could take it.
  • Actually the thought of retirement scares the daylights out of me. My mother worked full-time until 76, and part-time until 82, I am only 69. I always say I would like the"option" to make the retirement decision, but if I had that option, I know as sure as the sun comes up in the east, I would elect to keep working as long as I were productive. Need structure. Routine. Purpose. Dog food. And to Ms. Sutherland, best of luck for the future, and a BIG thank you for your participation in a sport I have loved since I was kid, and vicarioulsy rode with Alec Ramsey, on the back of his black stallion.
  • I was surprised that the article didn't mention her being pulled off her mounts for not passing a breathalyzer then I guess maybe 3 weeks later she retires.
  • I was surprised that the article didn't mention her being pulled off her mounts for not passing a breathalyzer then I guess maybe 3 weeks later she retires.
    Odd isnt it? The whole dang thing is odd. Comments saying she gets in trouble and now retires, makes u think shes trying to get out of the spot light for a while and this is a good excuse. But she may just want to take a step back for a while to live her life, being a jockey is so demanding, who knows. I just think that we might see her again somewhere down the road.
  • I guess we don't need to rake up any dirt on her at this point. I choose to go with Rachel's reasons - maybe she just wanted a normal lifestye. To step back a while to live her life. Being a jockey is a hard life, that's for sure. Whyever she chose to retire, best of luck to her. She was never in the league of some of the greats, but she did well, and contributed to the sport we all love.
  • she did that and then some
  • Well, she just got married, maybe she wants to start a family. It could be just that simple. Good Luck, Chantal! Thank You for the spirit and color that you brought to a sport that needs it so badly! You will be missed!
  • it kinda saddens me that we have all these really good horses and jockeys that did something for the sport but yet we still need the attention for horse racing from the public. were they not good enough?
  • Very surprised. Wishing her much happiness in her life.
  • Best Wishes to you Chantal!!! Enjoy Eating!!!
  • KetaKeta Member
    Santa Anita Park ‏ tweet with PHOTO of Chantal Sutherland
    She's back! RT: @SantinosCanadia: @jockeychantal back in action this morning
    at @WoodbineRacing @HRTV

    Dan Kruse ‏tweet
    Looking forward to seeing my wife @jockeychantal kick some ass this summer @DelMarRacing.
    Follow your passion, live out your dreams.
  • Seriously?
  • I like Chantal, but I find the whole retirement thing funny. Anyone else?
  • I like Chantal, but I find the whole retirement thing funny. Anyone else?
    I used to like her as well but this is a bit overboard.
  • RachelRachel Member
    If there's an article, I'd say its pretty serious lol

    She is indeed coming back
  • I can't figure out if she wants to be a jockey or an entertainer. Or a celebrity jockey/entertainer. Whatever.
  • Although there is no excuse for driving "under the influence", Chantal and other people who weigh 115 pounds or less don't have to drink much alcohol to fail a "breathalyzer" test.
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