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I love this horse and so does all of the east coast since he was a local owned by locals.


  • Beautiful! The moaning, rolling in the sand pit! Priceless! Such a happy story! I love the stories of our "almost Triple Crown Winners", sometimes it is the 20 horse field that denies the truly better horse the Derby, or the grueling "Big Sandy" of the Belmont that claims them; regardless, this is a great game that more Americans should pay attention to. FunnyCide's story is truly one for the ages!
  • Thank you!! I love Funny Cide! He is a big part of what pulled me into being such a fanatic about this whole racing scene - so much charisma and such a wonderful story. I keep hoping I'll get to go back to the Kentucky Horse Park some time soon to meet him in the Hall of Champions -another trip on my bucket list - lol!
  • my cousin works at the kentucky horse park, she fell in love with Da Hoss. hes a total sweetheart apparently lol
  • N.Y. bred horses aren't supposed to win the Kentucky Derby, horses trained by Barclay Tagg aren't supposed to win the Kentucky Derby, and horses owned by a bunch of guys from Sackatoga aren't supposed to win the Kentucky Derby, but Funny Cide did. He was a wonderful horse to watch, and I always thought he was so pretty. His owners used to show up at his races in a yellow school bus. (There were a lot of them, and their wives). His is a wonderful rags to riches story. Glad to see he's doing well!
  • We saw him during our recent visit to the Kentucky Horse Park...he's still a looker.
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