Just Wanted to Say a BIG Thanks!

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I'm actually pretty new to the racing part of the equine world (Zenyatta, Black Caviar, and Delineator where what got me into it) and I didn't know much about the horses, or how the horses race or how racing takes place....Thanks to all of you on this forum thing I am no much more knowledgable of horse racing...I hear about a racehorse, I immediately go to Google and Google their name and learn all about them! Thank you!


  • ZnotLast, another great place to get information on racing and the horse.....bloodhorse.com and drf.com
  • Ooooh yeah I've heard about bloodhorse...I'll deffinately look into it.
  • Another one is Exclusively Equine. Not sure which books they still have in book form but I think most have been Kindled by now.

    Sure some of the greats have been geldings--Kelso, John Henry and Forego. But you learn about the people involved and then when they get another great horse you begin to tie things together.

    One book that I ADORED as a kid is by M A Stoneridge. It was called Greatest Horses of our Time. While not entirely accurate in places--you do learn names and places. Another way to tie it all together. Sadly I think it's pretty expensive used and not sure if there'll ever Kindle it.
  • Another good source: Thoroughbred Times (thoroughbredtimes.com)
  • Thanks you guys ^^
  • Frankly, I was pretty disappointed when the Blood-Horse magazine missed a great opportunity to thrill their readers with a cover photo of Zenyatta and her foal this past week. This is the greatest race mare ever and they gave her a 1/4 page mention.

    Zenyatta deserves much more than that after her popularity has brought a huge boost to the Thoroughbred racing industry. Come on Blood-Horse, you can do it!!!
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