Breeders' Cup pics


  • Those are great Casey. Was that Steve Haskin on day 1, #43? My hero if it is! Also, love the dog. Love them all! Thanks for sharing!
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    No he was there all week, I just happened to see him at the press conference after the Ladies' Classic. I was somewhat restricted on where I could go (all the celebrity lounges, lol) so couldn't check out all the other venues. But I had fun. I sent the Z party photos to so depending on when they post them, you'll see them too.
  • Beautiful pics, Casey. Gave us a real feel for the excitement on both days.
  • Wow! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Casey. You really got some awesome shots.
  • Loved the photos, casey. Thanks so much. And btw, I finally got to see all the race replays. Wasn't the same as watching live, but it was the best I could do. Your photos filled in the blanks to what I missed.
  • Great pics. Thanks, Casey!
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