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Hi, everyone. I know Well Armed is a personal favorite of many and so I wanted to share with you all my visit with him yesterday. It was one of the greatest days of my life. You can read about it here: http://pastthegrandstand.blogspot.com/2012/11/well-armed-and-bill-casner-all-heart.html

Well Armed is doing very well and enjoys his daily mints. Please use this thread/discussion to praise this awesome horse and talk about memories you have of his racing days. I know there is plenty of praise out there for him and he, as well as Mr. Casner, certainly deserve it.


  • Omigosh!! Mary, I am so jealous!! LOL!! Just kidding, of course, but when I saw Well Armed posting on facebook that he had a new young friend named Mary, I just knew it had to be you. What a fantastic experience - I just cannot imagine. He is one of my favorites and I am so happy that he is doing so well in his retirement. His story and the effort that Bill Casner put in to helping him heal just makes my heart feel such hope - there are good owners out there in this tough sport. Your blog post is so right on - it is all about heart. Thank you!! Plus, your mom's head shot on your blog is stunning - what a handsome hunk of horse!!
  • Mary, He certainly is a grand looking horse. I remember him winning the Dubai - he was magnificent! I admire his courage, and am glad he has an owner that loves him truly. If you ever see him again, give him a kiss for me!
  • @Celeste_in_TX - He definitely is one of my favorites as well. As I was riding him, Mr. Casner called out, "He seems to like you!" My reply: "Well, I sure like him!" Two days later and it is all still sinking in. Mr. Casner is so unbelievably kind and Well Armed was one of the most charming, stunning horses I have ever been around. He knew he's a superstar.
    @lovehorses - Oh, he is a gorgeous boy full of heart! It was clear how much Mr. Casner loves his horses, especially Well Armed. I hope to make more visits to the ranch, so I certainly will give him a kiss for you if I do!
  • What does Well Armed do these days there? Is he just enjoying being a horse or do they keep him busy a bit, give him stuff to do?
  • @rachel - Well Armed is enjoying being a horse, but he does get ridden fairly often I think. Mr. Casner told me before I rode him Monday afternoon that he had already been ridden that morning. He gets mints daily and is good friends with a graded stakes winner named Bet Me Best. He receives plenty of TLC!
  • aww thats good news. i never saw him run, i just saw the replay of his dubai win and wow, that horse is amazing. glad to know that hes doing so well and that you got to meet him. lucky you are indeed ;)
  • @rachel - I feel more blessed than lucky :) Well Armed truly is incredible, on and off the track. He's definitely loving life!
  • PastThe Grandstand: Just a magnificent article on Well Armed! A real "tour de force." Congrats!!!!
  • Past the Grandstand: You did it again. An amazing article--all heart!
  • @Abigail_1849 - Thank you very much!!! He is such a grand horse and his owner, Bill Casner, is an amazing person.
    @Keta - Thank you so much! I love writing about horses like Well Armed and people like Bill Casner!
  • Hi, everyone. I had the amazing opportunity to visit and ride Well Armed again today. I am absolutely in love with this horse. I cannot express enough how thankful I am towards Mr. Casner!

    Well Armed is doing well. He was rather fresh today. I was told that, when I rode him last time, he had been being ridden every day, but with the holidays and whatnot, he hadn't been ridden much since then. Mr. Casner rode him first and Well Armed was so full of it that Mr. Casner jokingly said, "He's ready to go back to Dubai!"

    But when I got on him, Well Armed settled right down and traveled about the arena very happily. He was just so content and behaved so well. And, of course, he got PLENTY of mints, as did his best friend, Bet Me Best. He is one happy horse and I am one happy, blessed girl to have this opportunity.

    You can find some of the photos I took on my phone of Well Armed and other horses at the ranch today on my Twitter (@PastGrandstand). What a sweet, gorgeous boy he is! And how unbelievably kind Mr. Casner is!
  • This post explains how much Well Armed means to me. Well, kind of. As its title (Well Armed: Words Cannot Express) suggests, I can't exactly put into words just how much he means to me. But I tried: http://pastthegrandstand.blogspot.com/2013/01/well-armed-words-cannot-express.html
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