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Ann_MareeAnn_Maree Member
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Would it be possible to have a "toggle" at the top of a forum discussion topic page as to the order the posts are displayed? I have seen this in other forums, and to me, I would prefer to view the most recent post first instead of having to click or scroll through all of the previous ones. If I need context or want to review earlier posts, it would make it easy to "toggle" the order from "oldest" or "newest". Thanks!


  • this is a good idea, i too would like to have this :)
  • kyleakylea Administrator
    edited March 2013
    @Ann_Maree and @rachel, thanks for your feedback. This has been suggested by a few forum members. Unfortunately, the forum platform we're using does not currently allow users to select a custom post order, and we think the current ascending order makes the most sense.

    You may have noticed that your account keeps track of which posts and discussions you have read. It will automatically take you to the page in each discussion where you left off. Additionally, it puts an indicator next to each thread showing the number of new posts since your last visit (which you can reset by clicking "Mark All Viewed" in the menu bar).
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