RIP Pulpit



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  • He was so young...big loss, big sadness.
  • Ive never been so shocked about a horse's death
  • Claiborne Stallion Pulpit Dies
    By Blood-Horse Staff Updated: Thursday, December 6, 2012 4:24 PM
    Perennial leading sire Pulpit (A.P. Indy—Preach, by Mr. Prospector) died in his paddock at Claiborne Farm Dec. 6, according to an announcement made by farm manager Bradley Purcell. The 18-year-old stallion had shown no signs of ill health in the weeks and days prior to his death.
  • I wonder what happened to cause such a sudden death to a wonderful Stallion? I'm just about as shocked and saddened by this as everyone else. Tragic news. My condolences go out to Claiborne and those that new Pulpit. RIP Pretty Boy!
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    8(.....But.....But.....He wasn't supposed to die! Pulpit wasn't supposed to die he was to young! Poor buddy, I hope he didn't have to suffer...... And poor Tapit, it's all up to him now....
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    I was truly shocked when the tweet popped up announcing his death...

    RIP Pulpit, gone much too soon :(
  • Oh my heavens. Big awful gasp here! I saw Pulpit last spring when I was in Kentucky. Somewhere I have pictures of him. But I have no access til I get a new computer--Im hoping Santa comes thru for me! And I'll be in the throws of unpacking! For Christmas I'm moving into my new home!

    Darn I hope it was quick and painless for his sake. Condolences to all.
  • Harris D. Auerbach‏ tweeted a wonderful photo of PULPIT
    Pulpit on Nov 6 @claibornefarm . RIP big fella. :(

  • My guess is that it was an anorism, i sure hope that he died immediately and not suffered the pain of a heart attack.
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    Heart attacks in animals don't usually cause pain- a very brief distress (like widening of the eyes or a snort) but not the pain that you think of with people. A lot of the time, they happen and the animal just drops. I've actually seen more reaction with a euthanasia than with a cessation of the heart.
  • That is really interesting, i never knew that. Wish we were so lucky.
  • I saw the death of Hickstead and what happened to him, so i was hoping it was swift for Pulpit
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    Yeah, I had a cat who just laid down and died. Vet said either heart attack or aneurysm because there was no sign of any struggle. But, some will fight the effects of the euthanasia, so the goal for us is to get the solution in as fast as possible to minimize the side effects. (a lot of times, we use propofol to minimize the effects to spare the owners)
  • I am deeply saddened by Pulpit's death. Such an interesting character. He was one of the first stallions I ever saw up close.
  • Oh so sad. Brings to mind part of the program HRTV had on AP Indy. Pulpit must have been one of his first get; Claiborne farm person was SO impressed with the quality they got in the foal. And so the legacy began. RIP, Pulpit. The TB world is a bit better for your having been here.
  • This is so terrible. RIP beautiful boy!
  • RIP Pulpit. Am devastated by this news. He was one of my favorites. Loved him. A very big loss to the racing world.
  • RIP Pulpit. You will live on through your sons and daughters. You will also live on through grandchildren. You will Not Be Fogotten Big Boy. Long Live the Pulpit line.
  • Dear Zenyatta and Friends,
    The tears are flowing as I write this. The loss of our dear, wonderful Pulpit is so very, very sad. I loved him so! How I looked forward to seeing him at Claiborne every year. He was such a beautiful, impressive and talented son of A.P. Indy out of Preach by Mr. Prospector. He looked so much like his sire and what a bloodline with so much history in that pedigree. But beyond the recognition received while racing and as a true sire of sire’s; during his lifetime he touched so many hearts, including mine. I will remember that his eyes were deep and dark, drawing you into their intelligent depth. He was beautifully balanced and strong with a graceful arch to his neck. His coat was rich, shining and dappled, with just enough white to stand out. Especially that little snip on the nose. He was kind, allowing us to pet that velvet smooth coat, share our peppermints and get our picture taken. A remembrance of our time together. When I was there this year, everyone had gotten a chance to spend a few minutes with him. As he was still standing in front of us, Rodeo, a very special man who works for Claiborne was answering questions. A small boy moved forward again, drawn to the side of this great stallion. He rested his small hand on Pulpit’s shoulder and looking upward began to make long soft strokes. As we talked, time passed and he continued to pet, never stopping and always gazing upward looking into Pulpit’s eyes. Rodeo finally laughed and said that he believed they would both stay there all day, as long as the petting continued. It was so touching to witness the amazing bond at that moment between a magnificent thoroughbred and a horse loving little boy. RIP Pulpit, you will continue to grace the pages of racing history and live on through your gifted offspring remaining forever in our hearts. My condolences to all those who share my love for Pulpit, but especially to Mr. Hancock, the Hancock family and Claiborne staff. Thank you for your outstanding generousity in sharing Claiborne and Pulpit with all of us.
  • So sad to see this news about Pulpit. I've been out of the loop for a week (in the hospital) so I'm just catching up. May he rest in peace.
  • Welcome back Celeste, and yes.....Pulpit was one of my most favorite A.P. Indy sons, out of all the stallions who HAD to die...Why was it him? He has left this world much to soon, I'll sure miss him.
  • in honor of his passing, i changed my profile picture to one of him sticking his tongue out :D
  • in honor of his passing, i changed my profile picture to one of him sticking his tongue out :D
    Good idea, I'll do that too.
  • Boy oh boy...that picture is a real tear-jerker. Beautiful, happy horse. Love it.
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