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  • A friend sent me this one. If you are of mature years, and you remember Clayton Moore, aka The Lone Ranger, you'll love this story. It's hilarious. Check it out.
  • OMG....that was wonderful! I'd never seen that before; thanks much for sharing!
  • VA, This was hilarious! Had to share it with the family.
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    Nice. I've never been in western Kentucky. Is that how it looks?
    Actually, the Bluegrass is in central Kentucky, not western Kentucky. I think he used "western" because it sounds better. If you were to divide the state at the east-west midpoint, the Lexington area would be to the east of the line.

    I don't think all those pictures in the video are from Kentucky, and it's possible that none of them is. At least one shot looks like it's from a Rocky Mountain state.
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    I made that comment so long ago, I had forgotten it. I didn't get to see the horse country of Kentucky. I only drove through part of the eastern part, specifically around the Cumberland Gap area. It was kind of a hazy day, so didn't see it very clearly. Crossed the Ohio at Louisville? I think, when it was very late in the day. I think I made it on to Indiannapolis after that. Is that possible? It was my last cross-country trip, which I made in 1993. My memory is a bit hazy, as well.
  • Found this on the Full Circle Farm Blog. We watched one of their mares foal last night. This video shows a new foal and is hilarious and too cute. It's not last night's foal.
  • This is a great video.

  • That this was a cool video. Picture at the end is not z13 but anyway.

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    Another funny race call. You can't make this stuff up: May 17, race #7 at Belmont Park.
  • One of my favs is the one where Coz is running around squealing like a pig! He just seemed so happy and carefree! Watching Z teach her kids how to run is so amazing to watch. The whole bonding thing. Forget science. It's pure utter magic to me!
  • Hi slewpy, thanks for the link. That is pretty funny.
  • Margaret, that's one of my faves too, the one with Coz squealing. But I can't remember how to access that one. I searched for it awhile to show a friend, but couldn't find it. Do you have the link?
  • check out this fanmade trailer for a Zenyatta movie.
  • Boy, do I wish that was a real trailer for a real movie coming soon!! Beautifully done "trailer" by whoever. Does anyone know who made this?
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    Two videos that put a smile on my face...oldies, but very goodies.
    Zenyatta, Star On a TV Show by Pick4Guy

    And John Shirreffs video where he shows the video (above) to the great Zenyatta for her approval...he did this often with fans who took the time to do a video tribute to Zenyatta BEFORE her fame became so great.
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    i love how she actually looks at the lap top looks up and then looks back at it lol
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    this makes me smile from ear to ear, such a happy ending

  • The Coz video was done by a Lexington paper I think. It was last summer I think in July because he hadn't been weaned yet.

    The other one I like when Len Goodman likened Z's dance to any of the stars on DWTS! Wish I had taped that moment!
  • Here it is again!
  • What a lovely video rachel. Glad her story ended happy unlike so many others.
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    J.J. Thanks for the gift of all those great Zenyatta videos! If I was more computer-literate, I'd post another one called "Zenyatta - She's on Top of the world". Would you consider searching this title on Youtube and adding it on to your discussion?
  • Here you go Zeebest I also happen to love this one.
  • brought some memory back from 2009.
  • Nice. Thanks for posting.
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    Love this Song. Love Zenyatta. Happy I found this video because today I was just thinking this was a good song for a Horse racing video.
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